Penalty Fees

Late Registration Fee
Charge for registration after the close of the official registration period. Under exceptional circumstances, the College may extend the official registration period.
Program Change Fee
Each of the following is considered to be a program change: adding a course or courses, dropping and adding a course or courses, changing from one section of a course to another section of the same course. The program change fee is waived when the College assumes responsibility for the change.
Non-Payment Service Fee
Students who are delinquent in paying tuition and fees will be required to pay this fee in addition to all outstanding bills to regain the privileges of good fiscal standing with the College which include the right to attend classes and access to one’s student records. If the student is required to pay a readmission fee, the nonpayment service fee shall be in addition, if appropriate.
Return Check Fee
Checks returned unpaid to the College by a financial institution, no matter the amount or reason for the return, will automatically incur a $20.00 reprocessing fee in addition to the original obligation. The Business Office will attempt to notify the student or former student who submitted the returned check to provide information on making payment. The Bursar’s Office will no longer accept checks in payment of tuition or fees, even if the student or former student wishes to use someone else’s check.

If the financial institution supplies a letter to the College admitting error on its part, the student will have his/her check writing privileges restored.

Miscellaneous Charges

In addition to those charges listed above, there are other charges for overdue library books, replacement charges for keys and locks and breakage charges for repair or replacement of any College laboratory equipment damaged or lost.

Outstanding Balances

Outstanding semester balances may be paid in cash, check or money order. The use of a personal check for a previous semester balance will delay the clearance of the student’s record for ten (10) business days.

A student who fails to pay tuition or other obligations will be denied access to his/her records and will be prevented from registering in the future. The account will be turned over to the College’s collection agency for appropriate action.

The student will be responsible for all collection costs, including agency fees, attorney fees and court costs, in addition to whatever amount you owe the College. Please note that non-payment or a default judgment against your account may be reported to credit bureaus and reflected in your credit report.