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Extension Certificate: Work Based Learning [6 credits]

This extension certificate program is designed for candidates who hold CTE initial certification and wish to extend their certification to include Work Based Learning.

Admission Requirements

Candidates wishing to enter the Extension Certificate in Work Based Learning program must meet the following conditions as determined by the program coordinator:

  1. Possess New York State initial certification in CTE
  2. Make an application to NYC College of Technology
  3. Meet additional departmental, divisional, and New York State requirements, if any.

Certificate Requirements

The Extension Certificate Program in Work Based Learning consists of 6 credits, as outlined below. All students are to consult with an adviser in Career and Technical Education before starting the Program.


  1. EDU 4580 (3 Cr): Coordination of Work-based Learning I - Organization
  2. EDU 4590 (3 Cr): Coordination of Work-based Learning II - Operations

For non-degree students, please apply at: