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The Transitional C Certificate Program in Technology-Education

The Technology Teacher Education curriculum prepares prospective teacher candidates for the initial teaching certificate through the bachelor of science in education degree program or the professional certificate through the Transitional C Certificate program. The Transitional C program is offered for career changers and others who hold an appropriate graduate academic or professional degree and have been issued a Transitional C certificate. The Transitional C certificate is issued only to candidates who have a written commitment from a hiring school district, which must provide mentoring to the candidate during the first two years of teaching. Candidates must enroll in the intensive program leading to the professional certificate in technology education. In order to receive the professional certificate, candidates must complete three years of teaching and up to 20 semester hours of coursework in the technology education pedagogical core after receiving the Transitional C certificate. They must pass all three New York State Teacher Certification Examinations to qualify for the professional certificate.

  • A minimum grade point average of 3.0 is generally required for transfer students. Applicants with a grade point average above 2.5 may be considered.
  • No course in the program may be repeated more than once without department permission.
  • A minimum grade point average of 2.7 is required both for progression within the Technology Teacher Education curriculum and for enrollment in student internship and student teaching. Students who fall below a 2.7 grade point average are required to arrange a meeting with a Career and Technology Teacher Education Department faculty advisor to discuss plans to improve their academic standing. Students who withdraw will be considered for readmission on an individual basis and only if they withdraw in good standing (passing all courses at time of withdrawal).

The Technology Teacher Education program at New York City College of Technology is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and nationally recognized by the International Technology and Engineering Education Association Council on Technology and Engineering Teacher Education (ITEEA-CTETE).

EDU 2362Methods of Teaching in Career and Technology Education I3
EDU 2455Methods and Materials for Special Needs3
EDU 2610Child and Adolescent Development3
EDU 3410Technology Education Foundations and Curriculum Development3
EDU 3640Computers in Education3
EDU 3681Internship in Career and Technology Teacher Education2
EDU 4600Professional Development Seminar2
EDU 4871Supervised/Student Teaching in Career and Technology Education4