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Undergraduate Research

Student Research/Special Programs


CSTEP is a student success initiative designed to provide transfer students from underrepresented groups with the support needed to succeed in college. More Info


In CUNY's Decade of Science, instruction and research in the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is center stage. City Tech's STEM program has been celebrated as a national model.


National Science Foundation (NSF) Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM) grant provides scholarships to high achieving financially needy students.

Looking for Whitman (NEH)

This innovative program brings the life and works of Walt Whitman, quintessential American poet, into the digital age. NEH support has allowed Professor Matthew K. Gold, of the City Tech English Department, and his collaborators to create this experiment in digital pedagogy. More Info

Advance@City Tech (NSF)

City Tech is in the midst of an NSF-funded project to research, reflect upon, and plan a transformational initiative for women STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) faculty that will improve the professional climate and enable women to realize their full professional potential, unimpeded by either structural barriers or more subtle forms of self-limitation that arise from gender stereotyping and societal expectations. More Info

I 3 (NSF)

Through its new I 3 (Innovation through Institutional Integration) program, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has granted City Tech $928,836 for a project titled "The City Tech I3 Incubator: Interdisciplinary Partnerships for Laboratory Integration." "This initiative will change the way that STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) lab courses are taught at the college," according to Provost Bonne August, "by reimagining the lab experience in the College and building outside relationships."

Along the Shore (NEH)

City Tech faculty, under the leadership of project director Richard Hanley, of the English Department, have developed a weeklong NEH Landmarks workshop entitled, Along the Shore: Changing and Preserving the Landmarks of Brooklyn's Industrial Waterfront. City Tech's location across the street from one of the nation's major landmarks, the Brooklyn Bridge, and its advanced multimedia laboratories make the site and the institution an ideal venue for this creative program.

Collaborative HS Programs

The College is pleased to worth with a number of high schools, providing opportunities for high school students to get a head-start and sharpen their academic skills. Each year over 600 high school students take college courses without charge through our Collaborative High School Programs.
For additional information, please contact Ivonne Barreras, at or by telephone at 718-260-5212.

C-path (NSF)

The two-year, NSF-funded CPATH Computational Thinking Initiative will explore ways to teach students computing concepts and methods, reasoning at simultaneous multiple levels of abstraction, algorithmic thinking, applying foundational mathematical concepts to solve complex problems, and understanding the dimensions and consequences of scale.

Solar Sailing 2010

City Tech is the site of the Second International Symposium on Solar Sailing, a showcase for the latest research on this creative approach to interstellar propulsion. The College is a logical site for this conference as City Tech physics faculty are among the pioneers in this research.

ETET Internships

The Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering Technology department provides many intership opportunities to their students. They provide Internship and Fellowship Seminars and Summer Internship programs. More Info