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Purchasing Office

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25 Chapel Street
Howard Building, 11th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: 718-473-8960

Fax: 718-473-8997

General Purchasing Procedures & Policies

The procurement process originates when an approved Requisition is submitted into the e-Procurement System (EPS), described in Section IV. Senior administrators are responsible for approving requisitions for supplies, equipment and services necessary to support operations. Only the Purchasing Department is authorized to issue orders and enter into contracts and agreements with vendors. To receive guidance and support, please contact us at, or alternatively by phone at (718) 473-8960 or by fax at (718) 473-8997.

A. Advance Approvals

Before preparing your requisition, please contact the appropriate offices below to receive technical guidance and approval for the proposed purchase to move forward.

Audio Visual Technical Services  5523
Catering Services Purchasing  8960
Computer Equipment/Software Computing Information Services  5610
Door Locks Public Safety  5550
Fax Machines Telecommunications  5610
Heavy/Large Equipment Buildings & Grounds  5337
Mailings Mail Center  5147
Photocopiers Campus Services  5841
Printing Image & Visual Communications  5930
Renovations/Furniture Campus Facilities  5981

B. General Dollar Thresholds and Requirements

Purchase Dollar Threshold Requirements (OTPS Tax Levy Funds)

Dollar Range Requirements Average Time from Req to PO
Up to $499 Originating Department may obtain a written quote from a reputable vendor. minimum 5 business days
$500 - $4,999 Three written quotes may be required. minimum 10 business days
$5,000 - $19,999 For bid situations, Invitations to Bid will be sent to at least five prospective bidders, who must mail their sealed bids to the Purchasing Department by a specified due date. 2-4 weeks
$20,000 - $99,999 For bid situations, advertisement in the New York State Contract Reporter is required. Review and approval is also required by CUNY Office of General Counsel. 3-6 months
$100,000 and Above For bid situations, advertisement in the New York State Contract Reporter is required. CUNY's Office of General Counsel and New York State approvals are also required.
Purchases of $500,000 or more also require the submission of a Board Resolution for approval by the CUNY Board of Trustees.
6-9 months