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Faculty Brightspace

Upcoming Brightspace Workshops presented by CUNY

Stay up to date with CUNY's upcoming Brightspace workshops that are offered to Faculty throughout the semester.

Brightspace is coming to City Tech!

The City University of New York (CUNY) is transitioning from our current Learning Management System (LMS), Blackboard, to a new, more modern platform, Brightspace. This transition, set to begin in the fall of 2023, is a significant step towards expanding online learning and delivering engaging learning experiences using state-of-the-art teaching and learning technology.

After careful consideration, Brightspace emerged as the LMS that best met CUNY's needs. The goal of this transition is to provide a comprehensive LMS that is modern, user-friendly, and capable of supporting growth in online learning. With advanced analytics, Brightspace will contribute to student success and set a foundation for engaging learning experiences that connect and inform.

This website is intended to be a resource for updates, training, course conversion, help documentation, and support and will be updated regularly so please check back often. Additional updates will also be sent from the iTEC.

Transition Timeline

This is a CUNY university-wide change. There are few campus are currently transitioning to Brightspace to take advantage of the new system's many benefits. We are in the CUNY's 2nd phases and our transition to the new system will be beginning in Spring 2024.

  • Fall 2023

    • City Tech will be offering Brightspace training and sneak peek sessions for faculty later in the semester.
  • Spring 2024

    • Early in the spring, D2L "Brightspace" will migrate City Tech Blackboard course content to Brightspace. Active courses will not be disrupted as Blackboard content will be copied over to Brightspace, nor will they be deleted from Blackboard. During spring 2024, faculty will have access to their courses in Blackboard and in Brightspace as migrations are completed.
    • Faculty training and resources to use Brightspace effectively for teaching and learning will be provided by a combination of D2L, CUNY Online and City Tech trainers, webinars, and other materials. These will be available to all City Tech faculty.
    • Student resources to use Brightspace effectively for learning will be provided by a combination of D2L, CUNY Online and City Tech trainers, webinars, and other materials.
  • Summer and Fall 2024

    • Brightspace will go live for all City Tech courses using an LMS. Blackboard will no longer be used for courses at City Tech.
    • Faculty and Student support and training will continue for all Brightspace courses.

Before Migration

To get ready for the move to the Brightspace environment, faculty are encouraged to do some clean up on their current Blackboard courses. Once cleaned up, it is advised that courses be backed up by exporting the course.

General Questions

Brightspace from D2L is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that runs blended and fully online courses. It comprises three integrated platforms: learning environment, learning repository, and ePortfolio.

  • Trusted by other similar university systems
  • Fastest growing LMS, more higher education institutions
  • Integration with a wide tool set
  • 24 x 7 x 365 support for faculty, students, and staff
  • Enhanced tools/features for faculty/student engagement
  • Ease of use and quick learning curve to ease adoption
  • Modern user centered design
  • Intuitive and ease to use
  • Mobile
  • Accessible
  • Content Templates
  • Assessments and Feedback
  • Analytics and Dashboards
  • Secure

All City Tech courses will be delivered in Brightspace starting in Summer 2024, and Blackboard will be available for two more years after we launch Brightspace. There will be lots of training sessions starting late Fall 2023/early Spring 2024.

Yes. Most of standard course content and tool objects (like pages, files, assignments, discussion forums, quizzes, images, links, etc.) that currently reside in Blackboard will migrate quite easily to Brightspace. There are exceptions, however, involving content created with specialized Blackboard tools, integrations to third-party resources, and certain assessment question types that are specific to Blackboard.

CUNY will migrate the courses for our instructors. If faculty members have other courses that they would like to archive and migrate to BSP themselves, they can follow the instructions. Here is the link on how to archive your Blackboard course and save the file to your computer, thumb drive, or on the cloud.

How to import my Blackboard course to Brightspace

Yes, CUNY will migrate the last two years of Blackboard courses to Brightspace for all faculty.

Brightspace Practice site

A practice site enables faculty to learn and play in Brightspace with access to all of the available tools and features CUNY has implemented at this stage of the LMS transition. Follow the steps below to create your own practice site.

  1. Go to City Tech Brightspace
  2. Log in using your CUNY login and password
  3. Scroll down until you see Create a New Course! and click Get Started.
  4. Give your Practice Course a name i.e. Sandbox
  5. Select Course Type and choose CUNY Practice Site
  6. Click the Next button
  7. Click on Finish.

You have now created a Practice Course for you to practice and learn.

Video Resource List for Faculty

Navigate Brightspace

Manage account settings

Change your personal settings

Create a course overview

Navigation and Themes: Create a Custom Navbar

Content: Add a module

Activity Feed Overview

Creating a post in activity feed

Customize Notifications for Activity Feed

Ally for D2L Brightspace

Create an announcement

Delete and restore announcements

Make Regular Announcements

Mobile app (Pulse) overview

Create an assignment

Create an anonymous assignment

Grade submissions in assignments

Itemize assignments using checklists

Associate an Assignment with a Grade Item

Manage your calendar

Set date availability for a calendar event

Create a certificate

Use a checklist for an assignment

Class List Overview

Set Up Class list, Class Progress, and Grades

div class="row c-padding-t-20">

Use and modify user progress

Overview of competencies

Create a competency

Track competency achievements

Create course content

Create a file & insert stuff

Manage Dates - Offset Dates

Create a discussion forum

Create a discussion topic

Grade a discussion topic

Assess from within a thread

Discussion statistics

Use Discussions for Journaling

Understanding grades

Gradebook set up wizard

Create a category

Grade schemes

Grading in Brightspace

Assess, evaluate and provide feedback

Understanding group enrollment options

Defining groups and sections

Create a group

Introduction to HTML editor

Making use of the HTML editor

Import HTML template pages

Edit HTML templates

Import content from another system

Help and Support

All questions or concerns should be forwarded to the iTEC at