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300 Jay Street
Library Building 630 (L-630)
Brooklyn, NY 11201


Phone: 718-260-5018

Meet the Chair

Ann Delilkan
Library Building (L-630)

The Humanities Department maintains a unique position within our college of technology. The department offers courses in art history, communication, world languages, music, and theatre, providing students with laboratories for creative expression, cultural and historical understanding, and practical tool sets for work and living. These enriching competencies help students appreciate multiple perspectives and synthesize ideas, ultimately laying the groundwork for a sense of possibility and a clearer recognition of an individual's place in society.

Our courses complement the study of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and human services. The integration of the arts and communication studies into a general education curriculum produces demonstrably positive results in academic performance. By engaging with the humanities, students become more deeply invested in learning, cultivate a sensitivity to cultural diversity, think more critically, and develop superior problem-solving and entrepreneurial skills.

Beyond the classroom, our courses prepare students for a diverse and fast-changing job market, where multilingualism, effective communications skills, and advocacy of human and environmental concerns have become preeminent. The practice and appreciation of the visual and performing arts find concrete applications not only in the STEM disciplines but also in a range of real-world careers.

Our courses fulfill general education requirements and, in some cases, degree requirements as well. Faculty in the Humanities are actively engaged in a diverse range of research and creative efforts, some of which are showcased in our monthly speaker series, Works in the Works. Our faculty also mentor students on performance and research projects, encouraging them to apply concepts from the creative and communication arts across a variety of interests and majors at the college.

The Humanities Department complies with the college wide nondiscrimination policy and seeks to foster a safe and inclusive learning environment that celebrates diversity in its many forms and enhances our students’ ability to be informed, global citizens. Through our example, we demonstrate an appreciation of the rich diversity of world cultures and the unique forms of expression that make us human.