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300 Jay Street
Namm Hall 512 (N-512)
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: 718-260-5392

Welcome to the Department of English

The English Department offers a full range of courses, from developmental work in reading and writing and English as a second language to introductory and advanced courses in writing and literature. The department participates in a collaborative and creative support system for all students. The department has as its mission the enhancement of those imaginative, analytical, reflective and cultural aspects of self generally addressed by liberal studies and within the department's specific purview, through written language.

All programs of study leading to a degree require the successful completion of ENG 1101, English Composition I, and all baccalaureate students are required to take ENG 1101 and ENG 1121. An additional number of credits in writing and literature are required for specific degree curricula. The student should consult with an advisor in the selection of English courses – degree requirements for each program are provided in the catalog description.

The English Department offers a range of courses that will allow students to meet the Pathways Flexible Core requirements in the following categories: World Cultures and Global Issues, US Experience in Its Diversity, Individual and Society, and Creative Expression. Please consult individual course descriptions for a particular course's Pathways designation. The department also offers upper-level literature courses that explore cuttingedge themes and expose students to faculty areas of specialization. Degree-credit courses offered by the English Department are divided into four categories. These are identified by numerical codes:

1000First-Year Writing Courses
2000Second-Year Courses
3000Third-Year Courses
4000Fourth-Year Courses

For students not exempt from the CUNY Assessment tests in Writing and Reading and who score below the University-designated level on the CUNY Assessment Test in Writing (CATW) and Reading (ACT), non-credit courses in developmental reading and developmental writing (ENG 090R, ENG 090W, ENG 092R, ENG 092W) and English as a Second Language (ESOL 011W, ESOL 012R, ESOL 021W, ESOL 022R, ESOL 031W, ESOL 032R) are offered.