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Dental Hygiene students obtain the practicum hours necessary for dental hygiene licensure at City Tech on campus in the patient care clinic.
All patient care is provided under the supervision of licensed Dental Hygienist and Dentist.
The City Tech patient care clinic provides oral health services to the surrounding tristate area.
The Dental Hygiene program encourages potential students to schedule a dental hygiene appointment and see the process of care provided to the community.

To schedule an appointment:
Call 718-260-5074 or email

Patient Care Clinic Hours are located here.


285 Jay Street
Academic Building 701 (A-701)
Brooklyn, NY 11201


Phone: 718-260-5070

Clinic Information and Hours - Fall 2023

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
8am - 12pm 8am - 12pm 8am - 12pm 8am - 12pm 8am - 12pm 8:30am - 12:30pm
1pm - 5pm 1pm - 5pm 1pm - 5pm 2:15pm - 6:15pm
6pm - 10:00pm 6pm - 10:00pm

Thank you for visiting our City Tech Dental Hygiene Clinic page!

If you would like to schedule a dental hygiene appointment, please call us at 718-260-5074 or email us at

The Dental Hygiene Clinic at NYCCT is currently scheduling appointments for the Fall 2023 semester. Our last clinic day is: December 19, 2023.

Dear patients:

  • Please remember: the NYCCT Dental Hygiene clinic is an educational clinic. Students are supervised and evaluated by faculty as they proceed through the patient assessment and treatment, and develop their skills.
  • Our patients are expected to be in clinic for about 3 hours each visit.
  • Multiple re-visit appointments may be required to complete your Dental Hygiene care, depending on the difficulty of the case and any additional assessments necessary.
  • Additional assessments, such as x-rays, may be needed to determine if your care can be completed in our Dental Hygiene clinic.
  • Medical consultation and medical clearance may be required to ensure the safety of your treatment in our clinic.
  • Please make sure to arrive on time for your appointments. Arriving late or missing the appointment impedes the students’ educational progress.
  • Please note: patients who arrive late by more than 30 minutes or miss their appointments 2 times, will not be re-appointed. A referral for care and a comprehensive list of dental facilities will be provided.
  • NEW patients who miss their initial appointment without notifying the student or the clinic receptionist, will not be appointed again. Please notify us if you can not keep your appointment with us as soon as possible by contacting your assigned student or our clinic at 718-260-5074 or

Providing dental hygiene care in a safe environment has always been our priority. Our implemented infection control protocols continue to follow recommended CDC and ADA/ADHA guidelines. Face coverings while on campus are optional and if this changes, you will be informed about the face mask requirement when you will be scheduling your appointment with us. 

We hope to see you soon in our clinic!