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Student Complaints and Grievance Policies and Procedures

New York City College of Technology strives to provide relevant degree programs with a rewarding educational experience. As a City Tech student, you may file a grievance about any area of the College. Below you will find information about the grievance procedures that may be most helpful to you.

There are several grievance procedures at the College. This page will assist you in identifying which process best fits your concerns.

Emergencies, Suspicious Activity, or Reporting a Crime

Please contact Public Safety at X5550 or 718-260-5550 or call 9-1-1 directly. For NON-emergency incidents or to report suspicious activity or a crime please contact Public Safety or visit them in Namm 109.

Academic Grade Appeal

If you would like to file a grade appeal, please follow the instructions listed in the college catalog and for more information please review the college catalog.

Academic Integrity Violations

Refer to the Academic Integrity Policy and also review the college catalog

Americans with Disabilities Act

Refer to Notice of Non-Discrimination

Non-Academic Complaints/Grievances About Enrollment and Student Affairs Offices (Registrar, Counseling, Financial Aid, etc.)

If you would like to file a complaint about an office in Student Affairs and Enrollment, please review the Grievance Procedures and the Student Affairs Grievance Form. Complete the form in the link and drop it off at N325 or N300.

Non-Academic Complaints About Faculty Conduct

Refers to incidents of unprofessional behavior and other complaints that are not of an academic grade concern.  If you would like to address concerns about a faculty member’s actions in a classroom setting, please review the Student Complaint Procedure. Once you have reviewed the policy, you may decide to send a written explanation of your complaint to the department chairperson, or you may forward your complaint to the Dean’s Office if the concern addresses the chairperson directly.

Harassment or Discrimination Complaints

Refer to Notice of Non-Discrimination

Title IX Complaints

Refer to Notice of Non-Discrimination and the Policy on Sexual Misconduct

If your grievance or complaint does not fall into one of the aforementioned categories, please refer to the following offices for further guidance.

For concerns of an academic nature, please contact:

The Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Namm Hall 320 (N-320)

For concerns of a non-academic nature, please contact:

The Office of Enrollment and Student Affairs
Namm Hall 300 and Namm Hall 325 (N-300 and N-325)
718-260-4999 or 718-260-5430