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Adjunct Workload Management Office



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Adjunct Faculty Resources Guide

Welcome back! In order to provide better informative services to the adjunct faculty community, we have created the “Adjunct Faculty Resources Guide.” The guide provides very useful information in many areas. If there is something that is not covered under the guide, please feel free to write to us directly at or come visit us in the office during operational hours. We would be more than happy to help you!

Please always include your CUNYfirst EMPL ID (eight digits) when sending a query. This will enable the office that you are contacting to find your records quickly and accurately.

If you wish to change your address, please send a query from your NYCCT email account (not the address change itself) to The Office of Faculty Staff and Relations will advise you on the process to update the information.

Employee Self Service:

If you change your address through CUNYfirst, Employee Self Service, the updated information will not automatically transfer to the Human Resource Department. This is why it is important to follow the steps indicated above.

For any benefit questions such as retirement and transit benefits, etc., please contact Tanya Solivan, Benefits Manager @

If you are experiencing Blackboard issues, please either contact the Office of Faculty Staff Relations (OFSR) or Instructional Technology & the Technology Enhancement Centers (iTEC). If you are a new hire and still have any paperwork outstanding with OFSR, this can delay the initial setup of your CUNYfirst account, which will prevent you from accessing Blackboard as well.

The Faculty Resource Center is a space designed to support adjunct faculty technology needs. It offers internet and active directory access on Widows PCs and iMacs and a black & white high-volume printer that can be used for course materials. There are four cubicles where adjunct faculty can join Zoom meetings or hold virtual classes. The FRC is located in LG37 (near the Atrium Amphitheater) and is generally open Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm during the semester and Monday through Thursday from 9am to 5pm in the summer. A City Tech ID is required for access. Please call x5368 or 718-260-5368 in advance, if possible, to double-check current open hours and available resources.

Download the Direct Deposit Form. Print, complete, sign, date and save the form to your computer. Send an email to to request instructions on how to securely upload the form.


  • DIRECT DEPOSIT: If you elected direct deposit, please review your bank statement to determine if there was a deposit made from "New York State Dir Dep". If you are a new hire, rehire, and/or your direct deposit needs to be reactivated, it can take up to four (4) weeks to activate. In that situation, a check may have been mailed to your primary address.
  • CHECK: If you don't have direct deposit or it is still being activated, checks are mailed to the primary address recorded in CUNYfirst by University Payroll. Please allow a few days to receive the paycheck. If there has been a change in your address, please write to, preferably from your NYCCT email account, letting us know.

If there has been a change in your address, please write to, preferably from your NYCCT email account, letting us know. Also, please refer to the "Address Change" section for further details.

If you are a new hire, the Office of Faculty Staff Relations will request a City Tech email address for you. Please contact them for further instructions.
Office of Faculty and Staff Relations:

If you need to procure a City Tech ID, visit the Public Safety website for complete information about the ID Station.

Three-year Reappointment Criteria

**If you have questions regarding the change for the three-year reappointment criteria, please refer to the PSC Memorandum.

Three-year Reappointment Criteria

With the start of the Fall 2019 semester, the following eligibility criteria, in addition to the criteria in the paragraph below, shall be in effect. An employee who has served as a teaching adjunct and who has taught at least six (6) contact teaching hours per semester within the same department of the college for at least 10 of the 12 most recent consecutive semesters (excluding summer sessions) preceding the effective date of the three-year appointment shall be considered for a three-year appointment, subject to the comprehensive review and assessment referenced in paragraph “4” below, provided that the adjunct was initially assigned to teach at least six (6) contact hours in the semester(s) resulting in the lack of continuity and that the adjunct lost no more than one course owing to insufficient enrollment or reassignment of the course to another faculty member and/or that the adjunct lost one or more courses owing to medical reasons in the semester(s) at issue.

A teaching adjunct who believes that his or her service in at least 10 of the 12 most recent semesters counts as qualifying service as set forth herein must self-identify to the college Human Resources Office and the department chair no later than the end of the second week of the Spring semester in which he or she would be considered for the three-year appointment; the college shall determine whether the adjunct  meets the eligibility criteria set forth herein for consideration for a three-year appointment and shall notify the adjunct whether he/she is eligible to receive consideration for such appointment.


If the department is unable to assign 6 hours in a given semester, the department chair shall offer the adjunct one of the two following options:

  • A non-teaching adjunct appointment for an equivalent number of hours during the current semester. For this purpose, one (1) non-teaching hour shall be deemed equivalent to 0.4 teaching contact hours.
    Example: An adjunct is assigned 3 contact hours during a semester instead of 6 contact hours. To make up the deficit in the current semester, the department may give the adjunct a non-teaching adjunct appointment of 112.5 hours at the appropriate non-teaching adjunct rate.
  • An additional teaching assignment to make up the deficit within the following two (2) semesters or summer session.


NOTE: Any adjunct that has had a 3-year, can only be considered for another 3-year, or no appointment at all. One-year with guidance is only an option for adjuncts being reviewed for the first time.

One-Year Appointments

If reappointed after working six consecutive semesters (exclusive of summers) in the same department at the same college over a three-year period, an adjunct is entitled to a year-long (Fall and Spring) appointment and must be notified on or about May 15th for the following academic year.


Adjunct Payroll Information. Please refer to this link for information on payroll and other important information.


The first paycheck for the semester has not been received as expected. Who do you contact?

Please write to your dean's assistant and There is a 24 to 48-hour response time policy.


If your pay amount is incorrect or you have a question about your rate, please write to There is a 24 to 48-hour response time policy.

NOTE: If you are teaching at another CUNY campus at a higher rate, please write to immediately.

NOTE: If you are a new hire/rehire, it can take additional time to add your record in CUNYfirst and Pay Serve (the NY State system); if your paperwork was submitted less than approximately six weeks before the beginning of the semester, your initial paycheck may be delayed by one or more pay periods, although it will include all retroactive pay owed. For the due date for the current semester, please consult the Adjunct Instructional Staff Payroll Information memo.


If you are experiencing a hardship due to not receiving your first paycheck, you can request an ADVANCE by writing to They will send you the instructions and forms to be signed. Below is the payback policy. Kindly review before requesting the advance.

By accepting this advance, the undersigned agrees to repay the amount in full within eight (8) days of receipt of the first paycheck. If the repayment is made via a personal check or money order, please make it payable to New York City College of Technology. They additionally agree that any active direct deposit agreement may be deactivated by the CUNY Central Payroll Office if the amount is not paid in full within approximately eight (8) days from the date of the retroactive payment. Once the full amount has been reimbursed to New York City College of Technology, the direct deposit agreement can be reactivated. If the employee receives physical check, the college will divert this payment, refund itself and issue a new check for the balance.

If you have a question on why your initial teaching assignment or changes to it were processed late and/or why there was a change in your hours, please contact the dean's assistant from the appropriate school for details. Also, if you are doing extra comp (for full-time faculty) and have a question, please contact the appropriate dean's assistant.


The Office of the New York State Comptroller recently implemented New York State Payroll Online (NYSPO), a service which allows employees on New York State payroll to access pay stubs, W-2s and other pay information electronically. For FAQs and instructions, please refer to the link below.

If you have technical issues with your online access, please email the help desk at explaining the problem you are encountering and including screen shots if applicable.


If you are not working a particular semester and received a paycheck in error, please do not cash it and contact the Adjunct Workload Management Office immediately at and/or call at 718 260 5565.

If an incorrectly issued check is cashed, the monies must be returned. When necessary, direct deposit will be cancelled and University Payroll may set up an automatic deduction if you return to work in future semesters. To reinstate the direct deposit after the total is repaid, please write to

For those on One-Semester and One-Year Appointments

During the Fall or Spring semester, adjuncts, non-teaching adjuncts, and adjunct College Laboratory Technicians may be excused for personal illness or personal emergencies, including religious observances, death in the immediate family, or similar personal needs which cannot be postponed, for a period of 1/15 of the total number of clock hours in a particular session or semester. Request for such leave, when possible, must be made in advance in writing to the department chairperson or supervisor. If it is not possible to make such a request in advance, the department chairperson or supervisor should be informed as soon as possible. The reason provided must be satisfactory to the chairperson or supervisor.

For those on a Three-Year Reappointment

Adjuncts are credited with 12 hours per year of personal illness/emergency leave in lieu of the 1/15th of the total number of clock hours in a particular session or semester provided in Section 14.8. These 12 hours accrue over the course of the appointment and roll over between semesters and three-year appointments to the same title. Accrued leave will be capped at 36 hours. Leave hours can be used in the Fall or Spring semesters, but not during a winter or summer session appointment. If appointed to teach during a winter or summer session, the adjunct will continue to receive personal illness/emergency leave for a period of 1/15 of the total number of clock hours in the particular session in accord with Section 14.8 of the collective bargaining agreement. The 1/15 period of leave may only be used within that particular session and may not be carried over to another session or semester.

Grant (through PSC-CUNY)

There is a one-time grant that can be applied for during a time of financial distress (examples- major illness/hospitalization, house fire, out on extended leave for medical treatment, etc.). these applications are all reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Affected individuals can request an application by emailing

Apply to your chair for promotion on the same basis as a full-timer. Receiving a doctorate is often recognized as grounds for promotion, as are professional achievements. Promotion is made at the discretion of your Personnel and Budget Committee.


If you do not receive a paycheck on the first payroll date of the semester, the first check you receive will include all back pay and may therefore put you in a tax withholding bracket and have a higher percentage of income withheld for taxes. To offset this, you can temporarily change your deductions. Please speak to your tax preparer first. Then, if you want to make adjustments OFSR/HR will send instructions and link to submit the W-4, and IT-2104 forms. Please write to for assistance.


NOTE: Please refer to "Pay Status" section for information on obtaining a copy of the W2 under NEW YORK STATE PAYROLL ONLINE (NYSPO).

The Teaching Adjunct Handbook contains the below information:

  • Who We Are; Your Union, Your Rights
  • Complaints, Grievances, & Weingarten Rights
  • Workload
  • Observations & Evaluations
  • Appointments
  • Types of Leave
  • Types of Leave Continued
  • Health Insurance
  • PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund Information
  • Teaching Adjunct Salary Schedules
  • Pensions & Annuities; Discounts, Grants, & Waivers
  • Discounts, Grants, & Waivers Continued
  • Helpful Links & Information

An adjunct who has taught one or more courses at the same college for 10 consecutive semesters (not including summers) and who is appointed to teach a course of three or more contact hours per week in the Fall or Spring semester shall be entitled to tuition reimbursement for up to one course in that semester. For graduate courses this depends on space availability. An adjunct will lose eligibility in any two out of three academic years the adjunct teaches in only one semester of the year at the college. Application forms are available at the Office of Faculty Staff Relations (Room N-301) at 718-250-5353.


Workload is a term for your total teaching and other work assignment for the semester. The Adjunct Instructional Staff and Graduate Assistant Workload Reporting along with Collection of Public Funds forms, if applicable, must be completed and submitted to the appropriate dean’s assistant (see below) to ensure we are in compliance with all contractual criteria.

Adjunct Instructional Staff and Graduate Assistant Workload Reporting Form.

Collection of Public Funds:

You only need to fill this out if you are presently collecting a public pension.

Send a copy of the form to the Office of Faculty and Staff Relations Benefits Officer, Tanya Solivan (


Teaching Adjuncts:

A person appointed to an Adjunct Titles is not a full-time employee of The City University of New York. Employment in an adjunct position or a combination of adjunct positions shall not constitute a full-time position. Adjunct Lecturers or Adjuncts in other titles shall not be assigned a total of more than nine (9) classroom contact hours during a semester in one unit of The City University of New York. In addition, such adjunct may be employed to teach a maximum of one course of not more than six (6) hours during the semester at another unit of The City University of New York.

Non-Teaching Adjuncts:

For persons in non-teaching adjunct titles, the limitations noted above are equated to not more than 225 hours per semester at one college and not more than 150 hours per semester at a second college of the University.


Adjunct Workload Hours and Office Hours criteria. The following info determines how many office hours you will be assigned depending on your assigned weekly adjunct workload hours. This information is located on the PSC.Org site for public knowledge.

III. Additional Teaching Adjunct Pay:

Allocation of paid office/professional hours per college:

A total of fewer than 3 classroom contact hours: 0-2 paid professional development hours/semester. Based upon guidance from the university, 2 professional development hours are allocated to those teaching at least one classroom contact hour in a semester, but are not applicable to summer sessions.

3 or more but fewer than 6 classroom contact hours: 15 paid office hours/semester**
6 or more but fewer than 9 classroom contact hours: 30 paid office hours/semester**
9 or more classroom contact hours: 45 paid office hours/semester**

**Office hours may not be used for any purpose other than meeting with or being available to meet with students, or for professional development as designated by college administration. Professional development hours are capped at 3 for those with up to 15 office hours, and 6 for those with more than 15 office hours.

Consistent with Article 15.2 (a), paid office hours will be capped at 45 per semester at any one college. If an adjunct teaches at two colleges, paid office hours will be capped at 45 at the first college and 30 at the second college.