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285 Jay Street
Academic Building (LL112)
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Recreation and Intramural Schedules - Spring 2024

The Recreation program provides leisure-time activities for students, faculty, staff and alumni. Special classes include fitness, martial arts and dance. Schedules are posted throughout the college. For further information, come to the recreation office in the Academic Building, room LL112 or call 718-260-5102.

To participate in the recreation programs, you must show a validated City Tech ID card or alumni card and sign a Consent and Release form. The card is required at all times for the use of the facilities or participation in any of the scheduled activities.

The intramural recreation program of New York City College of Technology assumes no responsibility for the health status of its students, faculty, staff and alumni. Participation in any of these programs is at your own risk. All individuals are strongly advised to have medical check-ups before engaging in physical activity and to follow the advice of their physicians. Participants may suffer physical injury should they participate without or against medical advice.