Win cash prize for your innovative device, product, or service that solves a problem in industry!

The first City Tech Smart Tank Competition is open to City Tech students from all departments.

Student teams can choose to focus on solving a problem or addressing a need that currently exists in any industry by creating an innovative product, device, or service that will address that problem or need.

Examples of innovation: an app that solves a specific problem, a new material that can be used in different industries, a prototype of a mechanical product that can improve life or quality of life (e.g. prosthetic leg or hand, educational toy or game for children/teens/adults), an electronic device that can help elderly people, a new form of communication or product distribution, a new method of patient care, sustainable product packaging, innovative designs, among many other possible examples.

The use of innovative creativity in problem-solving is key!

Fabrication of a prototype is not mandatory, but recommended, and reasonable material cost can be covered by ATE funding and other programs at City Tech.

Teams should consist of 2-6 students (from any department at City Tech)

Team faculty advisors are highly recommended — teams should find a faculty member willing to serve as an advisor.



Practice Round: City Tech and NYU faculty will provide feedback to the student teams before they make their presentation to the final Smart Tank judges.

Final Competition: The Smart Tank judges will be from companies located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The final competition will be in May 2024 (day/TBA)


Projects will be judged on originality of concept, innovation, practical application, and presentation skills.

A monetary prize will be awarded to the winning team.

Teams enroll in the competition by submitting a registration HERE.