City Tech Navigate allows faculty and staff to effectively support students in a holistic and coordinated fashion. Users can view student profiles, issue alerts, conduct text message and email campaigns, and manage appointments with students. Navigate also provides users with the ability to run advanced searches to identify students based on a wide range of criteria and track student progress.


Login to Navigate using your CUNYfirst credentials.


Login to Navigate using your CUNYfirst credentials.

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How can you use Navigate?

All faculty have the Professor role in Navigate. The Professor role allows you to easily interact with and provide support to the students you teach. From the Navigate Homepage you can see the students and courses you teach, easily write emails and text messages, and issue alerts to notify college student support offices of students who might benefit from additional resources.

As a full-time member of the faculty, you have two roles in Navigate, the Professor role and the Staff role. The Staff role allows you to act as a faculty advisor to students in your department, as well as perform various administrative functions in Navigate.

You can switch between these roles on the Navigate Homepage. When you initially log in to Navigate you will be brought to the Staff home page. To switch to the Professor home page, click on the triangle next to ‘Staff Home.’ Click on ‘Professor Home’ to be brought to your instructor page.

Navigate Staff includes a suite of functions to provide strategic care to students as well as administrative support to stakeholders throughout the college. Please note that there are different levels of security access in the Staff role. If you feel as though you should have additional Navigate access, you can speak with the chair of your department.

Why use Navigate?

Campus-Wide Case Management: Advisors coordinate student care, maintain and share notes from student appointments and interactions, and refer them to support services and receive reports to close the loop.

Have Answers at Your Fingertips: Find the information you need without the wait.

Proactive Interventions: Easy-to-use communication tools designed to extend the reach of advisors and facilitate engagement with students.

Student Snapshot: Get a comprehensive student snapshot so you can provide instant, personalized advisement.

Student Risk Data: In the future, predictive analytics and real-time academic and behavioral data will identify students at risk for retention. This will include pre-enrollment information, student demographics, course registrations, academic records, and transfer articulation.



Navigate provides multimodal communication tools that enable you easily to connect with your students. Combined with Navigate's comprehensive student profiles and appointment scheduling capabilities, you can ensure that your students always have the information they need to succeed.

Navigate Communication Guide


Professors can provide instant feedback and ensure that their students are receiving all the support and resources the college has available. Use Alerts to congratulate students on their achievements, or to notify administrators that a student might find a particular service useful.

Start issuing alerts for your students


Navigate's user-friendly advanced search feature enables those with certain Staff roles to create custom queries. Find the new students in your major and run the latest enrollment data for your department. Choose from dozens of search criteria to get the exact information.

Advanced Search and Student List Guide