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Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable area is responsible for payments to vendors for services rendered or merchandise received through the Tax Levy, IFR or VTI procurement process. It is also responsible for travel expense reimbursement to faculty and staff members of the college. The checks for payment from VTI funds, petty cash imprest funds (under $250.00) and travel advance imprest funds are prepared by the Accounts Payable area and are mailed directly by the college to the vendors. In cases where the payee is an employee, the checks are signed for and picked-up directly. All other payment is made to the vendors directly by the Office of the State Controller through an electronic vouchering system sometimes supported by paper documents forwarded to Albany.

The Account Payable area generally receives invoices directly through the mail. However, occasionally, invoices are received from the department that originates the Purchase Request and sometimes, from the. Receiving area attached to packing slips. The folder for the Purchase Order is then pulled to verify that the items and prices on the invoice are the same as those listed on the P.O. If all the terms are the same, the copies of invoices are then sent to the originating department for signatures and payment approval. If there is a difference in unit price, the folder, along with the invoice is returned to the buyer in the Purchasing area for negotiation with the vendor. Any other discrepancy such as partial shipping" tax charges and shipping-charge disputes is handled directly with the vendor by the Accounts Payable area.

Payments are made using original invoices that are subsequently stamped "paid" so as to avoid duplicate payment.

Invoices approved for payment from Tax Levy funds are vouchered and processed on-line in the NYS Central Accounting System. The vouchering process takes place in two parts:

  1. Quick Pay Processing - used to process invoices for goods and services up to $5,000.00
  2. "Paper" Vouchers - for payment of invoices for goods and services over $5,000.00

Under the Quick Pay process, vouchers are entered on line in the NYS Central Accounting System, which cause a check to be generated the next business day without sending hardcopy vouchers and supporting documents to the Office of the State Controller.

The Quick pay process requires the services of two individuals: one to input and the other to certify. In addition to payee and invoice information, certain key fields that must be entered for the system to accept the vouchers.

    They are as follows:

  • (a) MIR DATE: The MIR date (Merchandise/Invoice Received) is the date of receipts of the goods or services or the date of receipt of the invoice, which ever is later.
  • (b) Liability Date: The liability date is generally the date on which the goods or services were received from the vendor regardless of whether or not the corresponding invoice has been received.
  • (c) IRS CODE: An IRS code is required to identify payments that are subject to "1099" reporting. The most frequent codes used are "N" for non-employee/independent contractor compensation, "H" for medical service payments, and "R" for rent payment.
  • For proper accounting classification there are a number of fields that need to be entered: Department, Cost Center, NYS objects code, FAS code and the Purchase Order or Contract number that was assigned to the purchase request. This information is generally listed in the bottom portion of the approved Purchase Order Request.

The certifier verifies that the payment is authorized and that all information entered on the voucher is correct: payee name and address, IRS code, Tax ID number, accounting codes and purchase order or contact number. Upon completing the online certification, the certifier must check the newly printed Batch Control List (BCL) to make sure there is no error and then affix his or her signature to the screen input printout of the voucher.

The procedure for the on line voucher entry for" paper vouchers" is the same as for Quick Pay except that a different screen (003) is utilized. The information inputted is suspended, a screen printout of the voucher is generated which is then stamped with a "Payee Certification" imprint for the signature of the certifier. Upon certification the Batch Control List (BCL) is then released. The signed screen printout of the voucher and the necessary support documentation are then forwarded to the Office of State Controller for audit and approval for payment.

Prior to the processing of a travel advance and/or reimbursement, a" Professional Travel Request Form (PN 803), along with any supporting documentation such as conference brochure, flyer, etc must be filled out and submitted to the Department Chairperson, and the Division Dean for approval. The approved PN 803 is then sent to the Accounts Payable area, which assigns the appropriate FAS code and Voucher number. The request is then passed on to Budget Control area for the encumbrance of funds.

An Overview of Travel Procedures

Travel advances may be made for conference fee registration and the required deposit to secure hotel accommodation. If the conference fee is required to be paid before the conference then it is treated similarly to a request for merchandise: an approved PN 863 (Purchase Request) along with the registration information must be submitted to the Purchasing area for processing. For conference fees that are under $250, payments can be made directly by the college from the travel advance imprest fund. However, if the conference fee is over $250 then the request is vouchered and processed online to the State. A check is then generated and sent directly to the vendor by the State.

In order to process a travel reimbursement, there must be an existing approved Professional Travel Request form (PN 803). An approved complete AC 132 (State of NY Travel Voucher) with all original receipts must be submitted to the Accounts Payable area.

The Accounts Payable area will verify that claims for reimbursement fall within the guidelines set by the Office of State Controller; that the dates, and times on the receipts are within the approved time of the travel, and that the allowances for meals and the rates for lodging and transportation are within the state travel rules and regulation. The total amount of the claims must be equal or less than the amount approved on the Professional Travel Request form (PN803).

An AC 2397 (Voucher Change Continuation with Tail) form is then prepared, indicating the cost center and FAS expense code to be charged. The complete forms and documentation is then approved by the Accounts Payable supervisor for processing through the NYS Central Accounting System.

A petty cash fund is used for miscellaneous purchases and local travel. It must not be used for the purchases of food and beverages. The amount to establish the fund ranges from $100 to $250 and is authorized by the Dean of the School and charged to the department's budget. At all times, the total cash on hand plus the total receipts must be equal to the established petty cash amount.

To establish or replenish a petty cash fund, an approved PN 881 must be sent directly to the Accounts Payable Office.' Original receipts are required to replenish a petty cash fund. The approval signature must be a signatory other than the payee listed on the request. All petty cash funds must be closed out before the end of the fiscal year (June 30) in order that the expenses can be recorded in the year in which they were incurred.


Professional Travel Request Form

Travel Voucher

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