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Measles, Mumps and Rubella Immunization Requirement

New York State Public Health Law 2165 requires all students entering a post-secondary institution to provide proof of immunity to measles, mumps and rubella. This law applies to students born on or after January 1, 1957, who are registered for 6 or more credits (or its equivalent) regardless of degree or non-degree status at a CUNY campus.

Acceptable Documentation (Students are responsible for obtaining an official translation of foreign records prior to submission.)

  1. Immunization records can be obtained from a public health department immunization information system. Students born after 1994 who were raised in the five boroughs of New York City can check the Citywide Immunization Registry for their records by calling 311.
  2. Original signed and stamped childhood immunization card (yellow card).
  3. Signed and stamped immunization record from your high school, college, employer or other institutions you attended.
  4. Signed and stamped immunization record from your health care provider or clinic.
  5. Dated positive blood test lab result (known as a titer or serology) with reference ranges showing immunity to measles, mumps and rubella.


  1. Religious: Submit a written statement of sincere and genuine religious belief that prohibits immunization.
  2. Medical: Submit documentation from a health care provider indicating medical reason for and length of the contraindication.
  3. Veterans: Proof of honorable discharge (Form DD214) from the armed services within 10 years from the date of application will enable the student to attend school pending actual receipt of the immunization records from the armed services. Immunization records must be submitted within one year of the waiver date.

MMR Immunization Form

Students who need a copy of their Measles, Mumps and Rubella immunization records can obtain them from the Student Wellness Center via the following:

Meningococcal Requirement

New York State Public Health Law §2167 requires post-secondary institutions to distribute information about meningococcal disease and immunization to students, or parents/guardians of students under the age of 18, accompanied by a response form. All students are required to submit a completed Meningococcal Vaccination Response Form.

New York City Department of Health

The Health Department’s walk-in immunization clinics provide low-cost or no-cost immunizations for anyone 4 years or older. Available vaccines include, but are not limited to, MMR, Hepatitis B, Td, Tdap, and Pneumococcal vaccine. Influenza vaccine is available in all clinics beginning in October of each year. HPV vaccine is also available to girls and women 9-26 years of age.