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Things To Do

Make sure you can log into all the City Tech and CUNY systems that you might need to access from your home computer and other devices (City Tech email, Office 365, Dropbox, CUNYFirst, Blackboard, OpenLab, etc.). Store your passwords in a secure place.

Make sure you are using the latest versions of browsers to be able to access various CUNY websites. Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge are recommended for most applications.

Make sure you can access library materials from home.

Make sure that you have saved your course teaching materials so that you can access them off campus.

Reach out to students to reassure them about the shift to online coursework.

Make sure your students know the best way to reach you in the event that the College closes (email, voice mail, personal phone, etc.). Make sure you have your students' contact information too.

Survey students in your courses to ask whether they have access to technology and an internet connection off-campus for completing their coursework online.