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Quick Start for the Semester

Library and Student Computer Lab Hours, Spring 2022

Atrium Learning
Monday 9AM - 8PM 9AM - 8PM 9AM - 5PM 9AM - 5PM 11AM - 7PM
Tuesday 9AM - 8PM 9AM - 8PM 9AM - 5PM 9AM - 5PM 11AM - 7PM
Wednesday 9AM - 8PM 9AM - 8PM 9AM - 5PM 9AM - 5PM 11AM - 7PM
Thursday 9AM - 8PM 9AM - 8PM 9AM - 5PM 9AM - 5PM 11AM - 7PM
Friday 9AM - 5PM 9AM - 5PM 9AM - 5PM 9AM - 5PM 11AM - 7PM

Getting Connected with Your Professors and Classes

Learn about how your professors will send you messages through Blackboard and email and how to access them, so you're ready to attend class on the first day.

Reading and Understanding Your Class Schedule

Learn how to see your class schedule on CUNYfirst and Schedule Builder and understand when, where and how your classes will meet.

What Do I need for My Course(s)

Check the minimum technology requirements for your course(s).

V-217 High Tech Open Lab

The labs are an open computer labs for all students of the New York City College of Technology. All computers have Internet access.

Lab Hours:

Monday - Friday: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM.

Saturday: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Borrowing a Device to Get Online

Need a device to go online, City Tech is loaning devices to currently enrolled student.

Accessing a Virtual Computer Lab

Need access to licensed software that only installed in campus computing labs. Check the Virtual Computer Labs.

Virtual Academic Advisors

Seeking an Academic Advisor to help you with decisions on classes. Connect with your Academic Advisor and bring your questions!

Virtual Offices

Find staff who can assist you. Exploring many resources City Tech has to offer.

Blackboard & Other Technologies

Check the available tools and resources we have implemented to help you in virtual learning.

Writing Center

The Writing Center is here to give City Tech students the writing help they need, whether it's for an academic essay or project, for applications for a scholarship or job, or simply to get better at writing.

Other Resources

Scheduling Testing Advisement Registration (STAR)

Scheduling Testing Advisement Registration (STAR) is a comprehensive advisement office that welcomes and offers enrollment support to new entering students and incoming transfer students.

Accessibility Resources

City Tech's Center for Student Accessibility has offer resources in accommodating students with disabilities in virtual learning.

Academic Departments

Want to contact your academic department? The following is a list of our academic departments.

Academic Advising

The website is designed to help you take charge of your college planning and to gain a better understanding what to expect each year of college attendance.


The City Tech Library supports students with our online collections, services, and programs. We collaborate with faculty and staff across the college to help students build research skills and connect with knowledge in their disciplines. Students can access articles, ebooks, and more from the City Tech Library website. Our self-paced online tutorials, research guides, and 24X7 “Ask a Librarian” chat service allow students to get research help on their own time, when they need it.

The City Tech Library also offers virtual student workshops each semester and creates virtual exhibitions and podcasts. Check out the Library Buzz Blog to stay informed about our programs and virtual events. We love to hear from and connect with students about their research and learn more about how we can support them. Connect with us on Instagram and Twitter @citytechlibrary.

  COVID-19 Exposure Reporting Form

To report a COVID-19 exposure, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Coronavirus COVID-19 Reporting Form.
    • This online form is secure, and all information will be kept confidential.
    • A member of the College’s Contact Tracing Team will follow-up with you upon receipt of the form.
  1. Notify the appropriate member of the college as indicated below.
    • Students must inform their professor(s).
    • Faculty must inform their department chairperson.
    • Staff must inform their immediate supervisor.

  City Tech Bookstore


  Spring 2022 - General Tutoring Schedule

To support student success following is a list of tutoring opportunities across campus and a list of faculty who volunteer to help any student taking a course they teach during their office hours. Learn More.

  Getting Help