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Minimum Technology Requirements For Virtual Learning

When participating in virtual learning courses, it is vital to consider the technology needed in order to have a successful course. We recommend that you meet the technical requirements below.

  • A computer (desktop/laptop) or mobile device (smartphone/tablet). If you need to borrow a device, click here.
  • Speakers/headphones/earbuds for listening to audio or videos presented in courses.
  • Webcam for interacting in course activities that require video feedback from students.
  • High speed internet access

For additional required hardware or software requirements for your course(s), contact your instructor or refer to the course syllabus for additional information on their requirements.

Search Additional Recommendation/Requirements for Your Course(s) from your department

Minimum Computer Equipment and Software

16GB of RAM

Intel Core i7 CPU

Reliable internet connection but a high-speed connection is recommended.

Software List

Minimum System Requirements for Labster Simulations

The following classes: BIO 1100, BIO 1101, BIO 1201, BIO 2311, BIO 2312, BIO 2450 and BIO 3302 have computer requirements in order to use Labster Simulations.