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Only current registered students can request to loan an equipment.

Policy and Agreement

Computing Equipment Loan Policy and Agreement


  • Equipment must be picked up by the person reserving the device with a valid City Tech ID card unless other arrangements have been made.
  • The City Tech Student Technology Helpdesk must be notified immediately regarding any problems with the device.
  • The device may be retained for the duration of your enrollment at City Tech but must be returned at the end of an Academic Year. Failure to return the device may result in suspension of the right to borrow any college equipment in the future and/or the student’s being required to pay for the College to purchase a replacement. Failure to pay the replacement cost would result in a hold on the student’s account.
  • Be sure to backup any personal data from the laptop – all data will be erased by a Student Helpdesk technician upon return of the device.


  • You are responsible for taking care of the equipment (laptop, PC, tablet, peripherals, etc.) while it is assigned to you for your exclusive use.
  • You are financially responsible for the replacement of lost equipment at its original purchase price, and for the cost of repairing physically damaged equipment. Examples of possible replacement and damage costs are set forth below in this agreement.
  • You are not responsible for any equipment malfunctions. Please do not attempt to repair equipment – return it to your college’s student IT Helpdesk during the hours posted by the campus when someone will be available to receive it.
  • Malfunctioning equipment will be replaced if possible and available.
  • Report lost or stolen equipment immediately to the college.


  • Only use equipment for CUNY related educational or business purposes.
  • Please do not prevent automatic updates to device operating systems or security updates. Software updates or software modifications to third party applications you install are at your risk and may not be supported by the college IT department staff.
  • Do not leave the device power plugged in when not in use or if device is fully charged.
  • Loaner equipment has limited storage capacity and devices will be wiped when returned after the loaner period ends. To prevent loss of important work, do not store any work or documents on these devices. CUNY provides external cloud storage that we strongly recommend you use. You may also save documents to a flashdrive, Office 365 storage area, Dropbox, or email the documents or work to your email address.
  • Sign off from all applications you were using and turn off the device before you return it.


The device must be returned at the date and time specified by the College at the time of the loan. If you withdraw from classes, you must return the equipment to the City Tech Student Technology Helpdesk immediately.

Computing Equipment Loan Request Process

Loan requests for all equipment are fulfilled on a first come first served basis and dependent upon existing inventory. Laptops and Macbooks loans are limited to students in specialized technology courses or programs that require a more robust device. Students will be asked to show proof of enrollment in one of these programs or courses. MiFi devices are loaned to students who demonstrate need. All students are required to submit a request through the online Equipment Loan Request Form.

Financial Responsibility

Students borrowing devices assume full responsibility if the equipment is damaged, lost or not returned to the College Student Technology Helpdesk by the date and time specified. All devices must be returned even if damaged.

Replacement and damage costs will not exceed market value of the device or peripheral that is lost or damaged. Examples of peripheral device costs are as follows:

  • Lost Power Adapter – Mac $79.00 | Dell $85.99
  • Lost MiFi device - up to $65.99