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Financial Aid

Online Financial Aid Forms

Below are links to a number of online forms that you may need to complete the financial aid process. We are now using an online form platform, Dynamic Forms, this will allow you to securely complete and upload the forms online.

REMINDER: Deadline to complete Dynamic Forms is June 30, 2022.

How do I access Dynamic Forms?

  Using your City Tech User ID

To gain access to the Dynamic Forms, you will need to use your City Tech User ID.

What is my City Tech User ID?
A City Tech ID is preceding the @ sign of the Student email address

Student Email:
City Tech ID: Joe.Doe

  Using a Guest Account

If you don't have a City Tech ID account yet, please create a Dynamic Forms account to access and submit the forms.

If you had a WiFi password on campus and have forgotten it or if you have never used City Tech's WiFi account, please read these instructions.