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In order to maintain its accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (the Commission), City Tech engages in an internal review process to assess the extent to which we are meeting the 14 standards for accreditation set by MSCHE. Every ten years, this internal review results in a written Self-Study that is submitted to the Commission.

Our process of self-study began in the spring of 2006 with the appointment of a Steering Committee to oversee the self-study process. Membership on the Steering Committee includes administrators, faculty, and staff.

The Steering Committee developed a Self-Study Plan and submitted it to the Commission for its approval in June 2006. The plan for the Self-Study included the following goals:

  • Develop a common understanding of the collegeís mission and a commitment to fulfilling it.
  • Engage all stakeholders in assessing the current state and direction of the College in meeting its mission.
  • Put into place a process of planning, consistent with the University Master Plan, that is probing, creative, efficient, and transparent.
  • Produce a self-study document that describes clearly and insightfully the strengths and resources of the college and its progress towards meeting its goals and that identifies areas of challenge and strategies for addressing them.

To conduct the assessment and analysis processes, the Steering Committee created six Working Groups, each of which was assigned one or more standards for accreditation to review.

During the 2006-2007 academic year, the six working groups are collecting data and beginning to draft reports of their findings. The Steering Committee will review these reports through the fall of 2007 and develop a draft Self-Study document. This document, still in draft form, will be reviewed and discussed across campus. The final Self-Study will be submitted to the Commission and to a peer review team in March 2008.

The evaluation team visit

An evaluation team of eight peer reviewers from other colleges and universities, assembled by the Commissionís staff, will visit City tech in March 2008 to determine how well we are meeting the Standards for Accreditation. The team will meet with students, faculty, staff and administrators, review materials not included in the Self-Study and tour campus facilities.

After the team visit

Following the visit, the team chair will submit a report of its findings to the Commission. City Tech will be invited to review the report and submit a written response. In June 2008, the Commission will review the Self-Study, the team report, and the College response to the report and will make a determination on accreditation. This determination includes one of the following actions: reaffirmation of accreditation, a requirement for follow-up activities, an order to show cause why accreditation should not be removed or the removal of accreditation.

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