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New York City College of Technology

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Self-Study Design



Standards 1,2,3
University Master Plan
University budget documents
College Goals and Targets documents 2005-06, 2006-07
College budget
NYCCT Foundation reports
Grants Office summaries and reports

Standards 4 and 5
Organizational Chart
Governance Plan
College Council By-laws
College Council minutes—entire body and standing committees
Grievance Records
Guidelines/Forms for evaluation of administrators

Standard 7: Institutional Assessment - Document Inventory

Documents Needed

  • Annual reports from offices and academic departments, schools, student affairs, and college overall
  • All departmental accreditation reports and self-studies
  • Minutes of departmental meetings documenting when and where they used data for decision-making
  • Syllabi with learning outcomes
  • List of PDAC events relevant to using data and decision-making
  • Final PMP reports
  • College Council Curriculum minutes
  • Faculty promotion/tenure materials/guidelines
  • Faculty survey data from University Faculty Senate and other from Dean Savage (Queens College)

Documents to Use But Already Have

  • Assessment Reports:
  • Enrollment trends
  • CPE trends
  • CUNY data trends
  • Student Evaluation of Teaching college-wide summary means
  • Grade Distribution Reports
  • Incoming student profiles
  • CUNY Skills Assessment Tests
  • Exit from Remediation Stats
  • Retention & Graduation Rates

Standard 10: Faculty Workgroup

Proposed Data and Documents for Each Key Question


  • CUPS Reports
  • Learning Communities Reports
  • List of monographs acquired by the library to support college degree programs.
  • List of serials (electronic and paper) subscribed to by library to support college degree programs.
  • List of curriculum changes approved by college council.
  • College council and departmental minutes re curriculum changes.
  • Annual Reports detailing curriculum activity per department
  • Minutes of departmental curriculum committees
  • College Council Curriculum Committee minutes


  • Survey of publications by A&S Faculty (Kezerash Vili)
  • Report on activities of recent hires with release time.
  • List of release time or other resources provided by the college
  • Professional development plans and annual reports
  • Survey of faculty as to how much of their research or professional development activity is done on campus.
  • List of inter-library loan requests.


  • Teaching evaluations of adjuncts.
  • List of course sections from each department with faculty type (adjunct/full time) classified by course type (developmental, introductory or non-introductory).
  • Activity on adjunct faculty e-mail accounts.
  • Request office hours, office location and contact information for adjunct faculty from each department.
  • Reports showing use of 1 hour extra time for adjuncts >= 6 Workload hours
  • Adjunct office space and dedicated resources
  • reports on volunteer or extra activity by adjuncts
  • Reports from adjunct academy with participation rates.


  • CUNY Faculty satisfaction survey
  • S. Ondrus faculty survey
  • Teaching evaluations of full time (i.e. non-tenured) faculty.
  • Request office hours, office location and contact information for full time faculty from each department.
  • Change in faculty hires and their roles since last MSSS.
  • Proposed data analysis
    1. Look at students taking consecutive courses in adjacent semesters (i.e. EG101-EG121, MA271-MA375, etc).
    2. Divide by faculty
    3. Generate information about pass/fail ratio of second course
    4. Compare individual faculty to average of all faculty or to some predefined benchmark.
    5. Each department should identify at least one segment.
    6. Note that this would be most effective with departments offering large section counts for these coursers.
    7. Note also that assessment only works for those faculty involved in such sections.

Standards 11, 12, 13: Document Sources for Educational Programs

General Education
CORE Courses
CUE and General Education
Writing Intensive Courses
Grant Programs (Adjunct Academy, Learning Communities, E-portfolio, SRL, etc.)
Licensing Agencies such as ABET and Health Care agencies
Learning Centers
Placement Exams
Exit Exams
On-line Courses
Instructional Technology
Pre-College Programs such as College Now, CLIP, Bridge Programs and Cypress Hills
Certificate Programs
Business-connected programs
Associate Degree Offerings
Bachelor Degree Offerings
Diversity in the Curriculum
Writing Fellows
CUNY CPE Advisory Board
CUNY Reading/Writing task Force
Academic Departments (especially ESL, EG, MA and DM)
Judith Walter ESL Report
Week-end College
Annual Reports from departments and/or units


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