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New York City College of Technology

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Self-Study Steering Committee

Charles Scott, Co-Chair
Julia Jordan, Co-Chair

Workgroup Chairs:

  1. Mission, Goals, Planning, Resource Allocation, Institutional Resources and Institutional Renewal (Standards 1, 2, 3, 6)
    Judith Schwartz, Professor, Dental Hygiene
  2. Leadership and Governance, Administration (Standards 4, 5, 6)
    Mary Sue Donsky, Assoc. Professor, Law & Paralegal Studies
  3. Student Admissions and Retention, Student Support Services (Standards 8, 9, 6)
    Dorie Clay, Director, SEEK
  4. Faculty (Standards 10, 6)
    David Smith, Assoc. Professor & Chair, Entertainment Technology
  5. Educational Offerings, General Education, Related Educational Activities (Standards 11,12,13, 6)
    Elaine Maldonado, Director, Learning Centers
  6. Institutional Assessment, Assessment of Student Learning (Standards 7, 14, 6)
    Sherri Ondrus, Director, Assessment & Institutional Research

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