Testimonials: Why I came to City Tech

When I was in the army, I observed the nurses, and I envisioned myself doing what they were doing. For quite some time, I had entertained the possibility of studying nursing, but I was intimidated by the assumption that I would have to master all those science courses - particularly chemistry and physics. Despite my fears, I decided to go for it. The army gave me a sense of discipline, and when I set out to do something, I usually make it happen. I chose City Tech because the nursing program had a great reputation. There is a high rate of graduates who pass the licensing test on the first try, and that was very important to me. Now that I am in the nursing program, I feel that it prepares us very well for the field. It is a challenging program and not everyone makes it through to the end, but I realize that to come through this program, you really have to want it. And I really want to be a nurse.

- Ana De La O-Legeros

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I was looking for a life after the military. After you retire, there are a few things you can do, work-wise. The equipment that they have in the military, they donít have out here, so that limits the amount of things you can do. Whereas if you go to college and get a degree, there are many things you can work on. You have to learn something new to be able to earn your living, and I decided to get my college degree. My college degree is the most important thing to me. What I liked about City Tech was that there were many degrees where I could implement the knowledge and the skills that I had learned in the navy to get a higher education. My associate degree is in electrical mechanical engineering, and I have background and knowledge in electrical mechanical engineering, so I knew that it would be easier for me to do that major.

- Moises Murillo

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