On Campus

Veterans Support Services

New York City College of Technology (City Tech) and
the Brooklyn Vet Center
A Collaborative Approach to Success

New York City College of Technology (City Tech) and the Brooklyn Vet Center are working together to help Veterans succeed in college. An advisory committee has been in place for several years to help meet the needs of Veteran students. This committee is comprised of representative from key offices from throughout the college and the Brooklyn Vet Center. It’s sole purpose is to make the transition into college and through till graduation a smooth process for Veteran Student, The names, offices and contact information for committee members are listed on this flier. The Brooklyn Vet Center has been serving Veterans since the 1970’s. They offer services to Veterans and their families. Potential City Tech students are encouraged to meet with the Brooklyn Veterans Center Team Leader, Dr. Kevin O’Brien, and his staff to discuss eligibility for GI benefits prior to submitting benefit forms to the college.

Once accepted to City Tech, students can submit benefit forms (DD214, Certificate of Eligibility) to the college’s certifying official, Jennifer Serrano. She will then seek VA approval to register the Veteran for classes. Students can also go to five (5) noteworthy Veterans Web sites to help them understand the lengthy lists of benefits available to them. New student can get help with picking their first semester courses by meeting Debra Sisco in the New Student Center in Room N104.

City Tech has also established an office of Veterans Support Services in Room G522. This is exclusively for veteran students already accepted to the college . Here the City Tech Representative, Eric R. Fludd, can assist with your educational and mentorship needs. On Thursdays, from 1-2pm a special meeting time has been reserved.

The Brooklyn Vet Center can play a big part in helping veterans get use to student/ civilian life following their military experience. In addition to helping Veterans understand the process for obtaining GI benefits, the Brooklyn Vet Center provides a space where veterans can meet other veterans off campus, and offers a range of other veterans services including couples and family counseling, readjustment counseling, assisting students with employment, and more. Veterans who use the Vet Center maintain anonymity so information shared is remains confidential.

We hope you take advantage of the many resources available to you through this collaborative approach to Veteran Services.

Note: students who are active members of the military should contact their Unit Administrator for information about tuition reimbursement.

Certifying Officer Jennifer Serrano
New York City College of Technology
Registrar Office
300 Jay Street NG 15
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel. 718-260-5988

Brooklyn Vet Center
Dr. Kevin O’Brien
25 Chapel Street, Rm 604
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Confidential, personal and crisis counseling is provided by professional counselors. Academic and career counseling is also provided, with special attention given to helping with the adjustment to college and civilian life. Referral services to community mental health agencies and community support systems are also available. City Tech Counseling Services Center is located in Namm 108. See website: Counseling Services Center

• 300 Jay St. Brooklyn NY 11201 • 1.718.260.5500 •