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Sustainability at City Tech

Poster Guidelines

Guidelines for Poster Design

Poster Design Considerations

Poster Guidelines

The purpose of this poster is to convey your sustainability and/or climate change ideas and information. Please present your information in a way that is understandable. The problem statement and investigation and conclusion or proposed solution should be as concise as possible.

Your audience will be the college community, scholars, and professionals in your field. Your poster will be digitally displayed during the EcoFest 2017 on April 27th. for City Tech’s Earth Day.

Layout, Text and Graphics Spell Check.

Layout: Please use MS PowerPoint to design your poster as a single PowerPoint slide. Page Layout size dimensions: 36” (high) by 48” (wide)

Text: Includes: titles, subheadings, captions, labels and the narrative or body text

  • The narrative or body text should be approximately 500 to 1000 words at 18 point font size. Devote more than one or two paragraphs to each of the above. Please include acknowledgments information on sources.
  • Include a discussion of data (if applicable)
  • Directions for further research or possible solutions
  • Conclusion

Graphics: May include maps, charts, diagrams, illustrations or photographs.

Spell Check: Proofread on the screen carefully. Print a draft copy on 11 x 17 (Tabloid) paper. Proofread again carefully.

Design Tips

  • Use the titles as a way to state the conclusion and phrase them to capture the reader’s attention. Make your title not less than 1” in height — bigger if possible
  • Where possible, express points as bullets rather than paragraphed text.
  • Don’t use more than a couple of fonts. Vary them according to size, boldness, angle
  • (italics or not) to differentiate meaning; avoid ornate fonts
  • Italics are standard for use as captions
  • All images should have captions.
  • Graphs and charts should have a title, with fully labeled x and y-axes.


  • don’t use all capital letters in a heading
  • don’t feel compelled to cram too much into the space available — leave some white space
  • don’t center any portion of text except possibly the title.
  • don’t justify blocks of text on both sides, Left-justify ALL text
  • don’t use multicolor gradients
  • don’t use boxes with rounded corners

Save and Send

  • Save the final copy as a .pptx (PowerPoint) and as a .pdf.
  • Save poster using the following file name format: EcoFest_2017_Project Title_FirstNameLastName
  • Copy and paste the file name into the subject line and send to
  • Send by Wednesday, April 26th, 2017