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NYPIRG: A Student Voice Since 1973

General Building (G411),
Phone: 718.260.5045
General Office Hours
11-1PM & 4-6PM 11-1PM & 4-6PM 11-1PM & 4-6PM 11-1PM & 4-6PM 11 - 1PM

Hours change for summer, intercessions and holidays. Please call 718.260.5800 for our office hours during those periods.

Welcome to the NYC College of Technology Chapter of the New York Public Interest Research Group! NYPIRG is a statewide, student-directed organization focusing on fighting for students' rights, developing student leaders, and advocating on an assortment of issues such as protecting higher education funding, working for a clean environment, and preventing hunger and homelessness. We help students acquire a range of important and practical skills while working with campus and community groups on local and statewide campaigns.

NYPIRG offers students the opportunity and the tools to be civically engaged and politically active. Getting involved in these campaigns is a great way to get hands-on experience in a real political setting. As a NYPIRG volunteer, the work you do to organize coalitions and events, gain media attention, talk to legislators, and speak in public will allow you to become a better advocate for your own causes and will prepare you for a life of active citizenship.

You can get additional information about NYPIRG by clicking here.

Communications with your elected officials are important. Making your voice heard is your right and your responsibility in a democratic society. To find out who represents you at each level of government, clicking here.


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