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Counseling Services Center

Counselors and Students


Individual Counseling

In addition to our group counseling services we also offer individual counseling. Counselors provide academic, career and personal counseling to help students succeed in life. Meeting with a counselor in their office, students are encouraged to talk about any problem or situation in their life that is interfering with their success in college. This may include family or relationship problems, financial problems and confusion over major requirements or college regulations etc. Counseling sessions may take one or more meetings with a counselor to review concerns and explore possible resolutions. We do not offer on campus psychiatric services or long-term psychotherapy. However, we can help you find services in the community that can help you with almost any need you have.

Walk In hours

(No Appointment Needed) Counselors are available on a walk-in basis during their office hours. If these times are not acceptable, you can email one of the counselors or call the center (718-260-5030) to make an appointment. Note: Counselors teach and conduct several workshops a week, so their schedule might not be able to accommodate every time period. If you chose to come to the center when a counselor is not available, another counselor will be available to meet with you.


Students are invited to attend these student development workshops. These sessions help students become better prepared for college work. We also address career goals and some of the difficulties that could arise during your enrollment. Please review this list for a more detailed description of our offerings.
View Workshops for Students (pdf)

Faculty Consultation

Faculty can contact counselors to address student development concerns in the classroom. This might include offering a student development workshop or offering guidance for a student having difficulties adjusting to college or a course. Counselors may explore alternative strategies with faculty in addressing student problems and meet with students after a faculty referral. If an instructor asks you to meet with us, it probably means he/she thinks you could benefit from our services. Take the time to understand why your instructor thinks counseling may help you, and be open to discussing any problems with us. Remember our goal is to help you succeed in college.

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