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Crisis Counseling

Sometimes, students can become so overwhelmed by their life problems that they see no possible resolution. Fear of failure, or problems with relationships, family, finances, medical, legal or academics can lead to excessive stress and anxiety. On rare occasions, students may feel so depressed that they think about hurting themselves or someone else. During these times class performance may suffer and dropping out of college might be considered. If this describes you, you may need the help of a crisis counselor. Crisis counselors are trained to deal with students under stress. They offer insight into personal problems that might seem overwhelming. As a result of talking to one of our crisis counselors you may end up feeling better about yourself and your situation. Please note we do not offer on campus psychiatric services or long-term psychotherapy. Our center offers short-term counseling. Because our resources are limited, counselors may refer students who are in need of long-term psychological mental health services to competent community mental health services.

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