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The Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program

Academic Support


The SEEK Resource Center provides tutoring in Math, Writing, Reading, CATW, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Physics, Probability & Statistics, Psychology and Philosophy. Students are welcome to come in anytime, Monday — Thursday, from 10:00am — 5:00pm.

For more information, come speak to the coordinators Noam Mor and Jackie Jacobi in Midway Room 402 or call us at 718-260-5658.

To sign up for tutoring at any time, see Andrea Kelly in Midway Room 406.

Computer Center

The SEEK Computer Center is a dedicated computer lab for SEEK students only. Get unlimited access to our iMac's, PC's, and up—to—date software. Get access to Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, and more.

Visit us at any time in Midway Room 405, Monday — Wednesday 9:00am — 6:00pm and Thursday 9:00am — 5:30pm.

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching provides one—on—one assistance to SEEK students who wish to improve their study skills, while learning successful strategies for tackling the many challenges you may face during your college career. Coaches work together with you to identify challenges, set goals, and learn practical, hands-on tools to overcome these obstacles.

Whether you want to learn better time management skills or learn how to take better notes, whether you are feeling lost in class or want to learn memory improvement skills, you will learn how to become a more successful, confident student. Our academic coaches are trained in methods that really work and provide a supportive space where the focus is on helping you reach your goals. Sign up for coaching at anytime Monday — Thursday, from 10:00am — 4:00pm in Midway Room 405.

Visit us at any time in Midway 405, Monday — Thursday from 10:00am — 6:00pm


As a SEEK Student, you have access to a diverse assortment of one hour workshops covering a variety of topics to help you be a more efficient student during your college career. You are required to attend workshops throughout the semester, so check with your counselor regarding your particular requirements. Take advantage of topics ranging from Academic assistance, Counseling Assistance, and Wellness guidance.

Visit our Academic and Counseling Workshops to receive assistance in topics such as Time Management, Stress Reduction and Anger Management; or visit our Health and Wellness Workshops to receive guidance in healthy eating habits, or simply have some fun and exercise while learning Salsa. Gain tools and techniques that will help you keep your energy levels up; keep your stress levels down, and your grades at a peak level to better prepare you for the demands you face as a college student.