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The devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy will be felt long after the last flood waters have dried. Below are a number of items, including resources available to those who have suffered hurricane-related losses, and the plan the College has designed to help students successfully complete the semester. Our community is strong and resilient, patient and generous. Aside from the information presented below, staff at the College will provide assistance to those affected wherever they are able.

» Read a message from the President

» Check out some Hurricane Sandy Recovery Resources

» Plan for completing the semester

» Info for students waiting for financial aid checks

» Self-employed and directly affected by Hurricane Sandy

» Disaster Unemployment Assistance

» Hurricane Sandy FAQs for Students

» CUNY Resource Page

For areas where public transportation has not yet been fully restored, students should make all efforts to get to classes. However, where this is simply not possible, it is very important that students attempt to communicate with their instructors.

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