Major Requirements

Below are the new requirements for each degree offered by the college.

» Associate DegreesX  

» Bachelor DegreesX  

Applied Mathematics - BS (Coming Soon)

Architectural Technology - BTech

Biomedical Informatics - BS (Coming Soon)

Career and Technical Teacher Education - BS Ed (Coming Soon)

Communication Design - BTech

Computer Engineering Technology - BTech

Computer Systems - BTech

Construction Management Technology - BTech

Electrical Engineering Technology - BTech

Emerging Media Computing Technologies - BTech

Emerging Media Design Technologies - BTech

Emerging Tangible Media Technologies - BTech

Entertainment Technology - BTech

Facilities Management - BTech

Graphic Arts Production Management - BTech

Health Services Administration - BS (Coming Soon)

Hospitality Management - BTech

Human Services - BS (Coming Soon)

Law and Paralegal Studies - BS (Coming Soon)

Mathematics Education - BS (Coming Soon)

Mechanical Engineering Technology - BTech

Nursing - BS

Radiologic Sciences - BS (Coming Soon)

Technology Teacher Education - BS Ed (Coming Soon)

Telecommunications Engineering Technology - BTech

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