Pathways Guidelines (for students and faculty)

These guidelines are intended for advisors and other staff members and administrators at CUNY who implement the Pathways curriculum.

Opting in or out of the Common Core

  • Students who enter a CUNY college in Fall 2013 or thereafter, either as first-time freshmen or as transfer students from another CUNY college or from a non-CUNY college, will be automatically enrolled in the Pathways curriculum.
  • Students who first enrolled in CUNY before Fall 2013, stop out for more than one semester, and reenroll in Fall 2013 or later will be required to follow the Pathways curriculum.
  • Students who reenroll, as well as any other students who feel they will be disadvantaged by the new curriculum, may petition for a variance to continue to be held to the general education requirements that were in effect before Fall 2013.
  • Continuing students may choose to opt in to the Pathways curriculum.

The deadline for opting in or out of the Common Core is the last day to declare or change curriculum for that semester. The completed opt in or out form must be received by the Registrar's Office by that date. Please discuss opting in or out with an academic advisor well in advance of the deadline to allow adequate time for the administrative review process.

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