New York Declaration
(PDF version)

Brooklyn, New York, July 22, 2010
2nd International Symposium on Solar Sailing ISSS 2010

The international experts, who gathered at the 2nd ISSS, unanimously agree that Solar Sail technology has significantly advanced in its Technology Readiness since the first symposium held in Ammersee, Germany (2007).

It has been confirmed by flight testing in deep space that Solar Sail technology is viable for space flight operations.

Many important applications of solar sails have been identified as useful to the international science community. It is vital that this user community be engaged as soon as possible so that they may better understand the capabilities offered by solar sail technology and to thereby obtain their advocacy.

The main statements and recommendations of the Ammersee Resolution of 2007 are still valid and are confirmed by the experts.

Major Achievements

The world's first solar sail, Japan's ~200m2 IKAROS, built by a team of ISAS/JAXA Space Exploration Center (JSPEC), was injected into interplanetary space and successfully deployed and demonstrated solar propulsion in the summer of 2010.

Next Steps (Missions in Development)

— Government, academic institutions and private organizations are developing multiple, small (approximately 10m2 - 25m2) solar sail systems that will be space flight validated within the next few years. These include:

  • The Planetary Society's Lightsail-1
  • NASA's NanoSail-D2
  • The University of Surrey's CubeSail and DEORBITSAIL
  • CU Aerospace's Cubesail
  • Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft-und Raumfahrt/European Space Agency's Gossamer-1
  • Air Force Research Laboratory's FURL

— The JAXA team will continue to evaluate and analyze test flight data of IKAROS

The participants of the 2nd ISSS recommend accelerated development and space flight testing of solar sail technology to provide reliable, robust and revolutionary capabilities for future space science, exploration and operational missions.


Last Name First Name Organization
Alhorn Dean NASA MSFC
Banik Jeremy Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles
Belbruno Ed Princeton
Biddy Chris Stellar Exploration
Biering Bernd DLR Inst. for Space Systems
Borggraefe Andreas RWTH Aachen University
Brown Michael US Naval Research Laboratory
Bryant  Robert NASA
Campbell Bruce NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Carroll Kieran Gedex Inc.
Ceriotti Matteo University of Strathclyde
Chan Charlene Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics HS
Choi Mirue University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies
Coletti Alex S M Resources Corporation (SMRC)
Coverstone Victoria University of Illinois
Dachwald Bernd FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences
Damaren Chris University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies
Diedrich Benjamin NOAA
Ellinghaus Frank  private inventor
Farres Ariadna University of Barcelona
Frayman Morris Klesov Systems Science
Friedman Louis The Planetary Society
Funase Ryu Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Galea Pat Project Icarus
Geppert Ulrich DLR Inst. for Space Systems
Greschik Gyula TentGuild Engineering Co.
Johnson Les NASA George C. Marshall Space Flight Center
Kawaguchi Junichiro JAXA Exploration Center
Kezerashvili Roman New York City College of Technology, CUNY
Koblik Viacheslav Umea University
Lappas Vaios Surrey Space Centre, University of Surrey
Lazzara Matthew University of Wisconsin-Madison
Leipold Manfred Kayser-Threde Munich
Liu Xiaoze Queens College
Macdonald Malcolm University of Strathclyde
Matloff Gregory New York City College of Technology, CUNY
Mimasu Yuya Department of Aeronautics and Astrodynamics, Kyushu University
Mori Osamu Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Mulligan Patricia NOAA/NESDIS/OSD
Nehrenz Matt Stellar Exploration
Prado Jean-Yves CNES
Romagnoli Daniele German Aerospace Center - Institute of Space Systems
Sawada Hirotaka Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Scholz Christina FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences
Shirasawa Yoji University of Tokyo
Van Sant Tim NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Vazquez-Poritz Justin New York City College of Technology, CUNY
Wawrzyniak Geoffrey Purdue University
Wie Bong Iowa State University
Wilkie William NASA Langley Research Center
Young Roy Marshall Space Flight Center
Zhao Yuhui Nanjing University
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