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Dr. Josef Bohm
Program Coordinator

Midway Building 201

Phone: 718-260-5957


Health Services Administration/BS

The bachelor of science (BS) in Health Services Administration prepares you to enter the challenging and fast growing profession of health service management. The US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics advises that employment in this field is expected to grow at a faster than average rate of 16% per year. Health care services administration integrates all aspects of health care with administrators often being responsible for the management of facilities and equipment budgets as well as hundreds of employees.

Health Services Administration Program Mission Statement

The New York City College of Technology’s Health Service Administration program prepares students for entry-level administrative positions within health service organizations. Representing the interests of a diverse student body; the program gives to students the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies needed for successful career mobility and diversification. The faculty, staff and administration are committed to providing excellence in education through student focused active learning that promotes ongoing self development, ethical conduct, and leadership. The program offers a dynamic learning environment that prepares students for the rigors of employment, encourages their professional growth and inspires a commitment to graduate education and lifelong learning.

Program Description

The Health Services Administration program offers an upper-level program designed to develop and expand the career opportunities of associate degree health professionals. The program builds upon the strengths and coursework of the associate degree programs such as dental hygiene, restorative dentistry, nursing, vision care technology, radiologic technology and medical imaging, surgical technology and respiratory therapy, as well as associate degree clinical health professionals in other areas.

Graduates of the Health Services Administration program will be able to:

  • Articulate the role of supervisors, managers, directors and administrators in health services organizations.
  • Demonstrate entry-level management skills to plan, organize, direct and control the function and processes of a health service organization.
  • Apply budget information and financial analysis to making decisions within health service organizations.
  • Evaluate laws and policy regulations as well as apply appropriate legal decisions to the administration of health services organizations.
  • Collect, interpret and apply data and research findings.
  • Exercise proficient communication skills including written and oral communication.
  • Engage in formal presentations and demonstrate technology competency with various electronic media.
  • Integrate science, mathematics, humanities, critical thinking, information literacy, interpersonal skills and problem solving skills.


Graduates will be prepared to enter the challenging and fast-growing world of health service management as entry-level administrators in a variety of health care settings. Significant employment opportunities exist for graduates as supervisors, managers and administrators in hospitals, health care agencies, nursing homes, insurance companies, medical/dental clinics and managed care organizations. Alternatively, the program provides students with an excellent foundation should they wish to continue their graduate education in such distinctive fields as health administration, public health and the clinical professions.

A Program with the Working Student in Mind

Students in the Health Service Administration program study in small classes under the guidance of faculty members skilled in administration, finance, research methods, law and information technology. Classes are conveniently scheduled in the evenings and Saturdays. Students make use of state-of-the-art instruction materials and have the availability of the College’s significant technological and information resources including:

  • A learning management system, BlackBoard©, an interactive Internet-enabled technology connecting students and faculty for online learning experiences
  • Smart Classrooms for ‘hands on’ experience and learning opportunities
  • A program that emphasizes “process education” where students are encouraged to master self-directed learning.

Faculty members within the Health Services Administration program have comprehensive career backgrounds in administration, public health and professional disciplines. They are dedicated to helping students put together a range of career development skills by working with them from admission to graduation.

Admissions Requirements:

Prerequisites for entering the program are an appropriate associate degree with a minimum grade point average of 2.5 and licensure or certification in a clinical health science discipline or the full-time equivalent of two years employment in a health care setting.

To enter the Health Services Administration program you will need:

An associate degree in a health science program of study with a minimum grade point average of 2.5, and appropriate licensure or certification in hand or pending;
An associate degree from a program that has an articulation agreement with the NYCCT HSA program with a minimum grade point average of 2.5;
An associate degree with a minimum grade point average of 2.5, and at least two years of alternative work experience in a health care setting or related field as determined by the HSA program coordinator.

Students will meet with a faculty advisor who will review their transcripts to ensure proper placement within the program.

Please contact the admissions office at 718-260-5500 or the transfer office at 718-260-5508 or the HSA program coordinator at 718.260.5957 for more information or an appointment.

Progression in the Health Services Administration Program

As per Health Services Administration program policy:

  • A minimum grade of “C” must be earned in each course designated with the prefix HSA.
  • No HSA course may be repeated more than once.
  • No more than two HSA courses may be repeated during the entire course of study.
  • Students must show progression (i.e. maintaining a 2.0 GPA, with no multiple W, WF or WU grades in any courses).

If a student fails to meet any of the above requirements, he/she will be required to withdraw from the HSA curriculum.

Health Services Administration Program

The College will grant a bachelor of science degree with a major in Health Services Administration upon satisfactory completion of a minimum of 120 credits and all required coursework.

The BS in Health Services Administration is a transfer degree for students already holding an associate degree and professional licensure or relevant experience. Entering students will meet with an advisor to determine how their credits may best be used to meet CUNY Pathways Common Core requirements and College/degreespecific requirements. Students in a bachelor of science program are required to earn a minimum of 60 credits in liberal arts and sciences. The program-specific requirements for Health Services Administration include 42 professional credits from a combination of associate degree credits and upper level professional electives and 18 credits of required courses in the major.


Articulation Agreements




English Composition (2 courses, 6 credits)

ENG 1101 English Composition I 3
ENG 1121 English Composition II 3

Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning2 (1 course, 3 credits)
Select one of the following courses

Any Approved Course

Life and Physical Sciences3 (1 course, 3 credits)

Any Approved Course


Select one course from each of the following areas; plus one additional course from any of the five areas; no more than two courses may be selected from any discipline. 9

World Cultures and Global Issues

Any Approved Course

US Experience in its Diversity

Any Approved Course

Individual and Society

Any Approved Course

Creative Expression

Any Approved Course

Scientific World

Any Approved Course


• One course in Speech/Oral Communication
COM 1330

Public Speaking or higher

• One interdisciplinary Liberal Arts and Sciences course
Any approved course

• Two additional liberal arts courses or in BTech programs, additional liberal arts credits to reach a minimum total of 42 credits in general education.
In meeting their general education requirements overall, students must take at least one advanced liberal arts course or two sequential courses in a foreign language.

Students transferring with an associate degree are required to take only 6 credits of the College Option, which must include a course in Speech/Oral Communication (unless such a course was already taken at the associate level) and the Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts and Sciences course.

Writing Intensive Requirement3

Students at New York City College of Technology must complete two courses designated WI for the associate level, one from GenEd and one from the major; and two additional courses designated WI for the baccalaureate level, one from GenEd and one from the major.

Associate-Level Courses in Discipline and Upper-Level Professional Electives5 (42 Credits)

HSA 3510 Health Services Management I 3
HSA 3560 Legal Aspects of Health Care 3
HSA 3602 Health Services Management II 3
HSA 3630 Health Care Finance and Accounting Management 3
HSA 4620 Health Care Information Systems 3
HSA 4740 Health Research Methods 3
Program-Specific Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirements 18 credits
ECON 1101 Macroeconomics 3
ECON 2403 Labor Management Relations 3
ENG 1101 English Composition I Met as GenEd
ENG 1121 English Composition II Met as GenEd
MAT 1272 Statistics or higher-level statistics course 3
PHIL 2203 Health Care Ethics 3
PSY 1101 Introduction to Psychology 3
PSY 2404 Personnel and Organizational Psychology 3
COM 1330 or higher Public Speaking Met as GenEd

Electives to reach 60 credits of Liberal Arts and Sciences credits

Program-Specific Elective Courses
(As needed to reach a total of 60 professional credits)

HSA 4900 Health Services Internship 3
HSA 4910 Introduction to Public Health Administration 3
HSA 4960 Nursing Home Administration 3

1 Students are strongly urged to consult degree requirements for “double-duty” courses: degree requirements that also meet CUNY Pathways general education requirements in that category. Students are strongly recommended to take MAT 1272 Statistics as part of their liberal arts, as this course is a prerequisite for HSA 4740

2 Students may use any approved or STEM variant mathematics course to meet this requirement; additional credits beyond 3 will be deducted from the total general education requirement for the degree.

3 Students may use any approved or STEM variant science course to meet this requirement; additional credits beyond 3 will be deducted from the total general education requirement for the degree.

4 Complete lists of liberal arts and sciences courses and advanced liberal arts courses, as well as semester-specific lists of interdisciplinary courses and writing intensive courses, are available online at the City Tech Pathways website.

5 Transfer credit to be reviewed with the program coordinator. Where fewer than 42 professional credits are applicable to the degree, students will supplement with additional professional and elective courses approved by the program.