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Name: Andy S. J. Zhang
Dept: Mechanical Engineering Technology
Position: Associate Professor
Education: PhD, CUNY Graduate Center; ME, CCNY/CUNY; BE, Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Institute (China)
Expertise: Composite materials, materials testing, machine design, CAD/CAE and 3D solid modeling
Selected Publications: "Characterization of Failure Behavior of Brittle Matrix Composites at Room and Elevated Temperatures," co-author,. International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 1996; "Effect of Interface Cracking on the Damage Behavior of Brittle Matrix Composites," co-author, International Symposium on Innovative Processing and Characterization of Composite Materials, 1995; "An Investigation of Tensile Damage Behavior of X5230/T800 Polymer Matrix Composites Through In-Situ Tensile Testing In SEM," co-author, Proceedings of the American Society for Composites, 9th Technical Conference, 1994
Languages: Chinese
Phone: 718 260-5245