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Name: Peter Spellane
Dept: Physical & Biological Sciences
Position: Associate Professor
Education: PhD, University of California/Santa Barbara; MS, University of Washington; BA, Hamilton College
Expertise: Chemistry and electronic properties of inherently conductive polymers; chemistry at the interface of metal and electro-active polymers; chemistry of protection of metals
Selected Publications: "Linking Chromophores to Inherently Conductive Polymers," presented at the 10th International Conference on the Technology of Inherently Conductive Polymers, Boston, 2003; "Finding the Fit of ICPs in Metal Protection Markets," presented at the Conference of Commercializing Conductive Polymers, Barcelona, 2003; "Conjugated Organic Polymers for Intelligent Protection of Metals," presented at the European Coating Conference: Smart Coatings, Berlin, 2002
Languages: French, Dutch (reading), German (reading)
Phone: 718.260.5862