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Name: Walied Samarrai
Dept: Physical & Biological Sciences
Position: Assistant Professor
Education: PhD, MPh, The Graduate Center (CUNY); MA, CCNY (CUNY)
Expertise: Microbial genetics
Selected Publications: "Differential Response of Bacillus Subtilis Ribosomal RNA Promoter to Nutrition Stress," co-author, Abstract: American Society for Microbiology (ASM) 103, General Meeting, 2003; "Adaptive Mutagenic Response During Amino Acid Starvation on Bacillus Subtilis", co-author, Abstract at the 46th annual Wind River conference on Prokaryotic Biology, Journal of Bacteriology, 2003; "A reIA (s) Suppressor Mutant Allele of Bacillus Subtilis Which Maps to ReIA and Responds Only to Carbon Limitation," co-author, Gene, 1994
Phone: 718.260.5289