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Name: Annette J. Saddik
Dept: English
Position: Professor
Education: PhD, MA, BA, Rutgers University
Expertise: Modern and contemporary theater; Tennessee Williams, especially the later plays (1961-1983); performance art
Selected Publications: "'You Just Forge Ahead': Image, Authenticity and Freedom in the Plays of Tennessee Williams and Sam Shepard," South Atlantic Review 70:4 (Fall 2005): 73-93; "Rap Music’s Unruly Body: The Postmodern Performance of Black Male Identity on the American Stage," TDR: the journal of performance studies 47:4 (Winter 2003): 110-27; "Performing the American Dream: Postmodern Blurrings of Myth and Reality in the Work of David Mamet and Sam Shepard," Études Théâtrales/Essays in Theatre 20:2 (May 2002); The Politics of Reputation: The Critical Reception of Tennessee Williams' Later Plays (London: Associated University Presses, 1999)
Phone: 718.260.5392