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Name: Susan Lifrieri-Lowry
Dept: Hospitality Management
Position: Lecturer
Education: Diplome de Boulanger, The French Culinary Institute; AOS, Culinary Institute of America
Expertise: Pastry Arts, artisanal bread baking, chocolate and candy making, restaurant management; was director of faculty administration at The French Culinary Institute, pastry chef instructor at The French Culinary Institute. pastry chef at The Manhattan Ocean Club, La Metarie, Aurora, among others.
Selected Publications: Contributor to The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Cuisine(The French Culinary Institute, Stewart, Tabori & Chang,  2007); featured twice in Food Arts.
Awards: Gold medal, American Culinary Federation, several awards/grande prizes, Société Culinaire Philanthropique Culinary Salon
Languages: Spanish
Phone: 718.260.5640