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Name: Vladimir Boyko
Dept: Physical & Biological Sciences
Position: Assistant Professor
Education: DSc, PhD, Institute for Law (Ukraine); MS, Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology (Ukraine)
Expertise: Material science of high-temperature superconductors and the effect of interfaces on their superconducting parameters; computer simulation of the atomic structure of interfaces; experimental and theoretical investigations of twinning; acoustic emission studies
Selected Publications: "The Atomic Structure of Large-Angle Grain Boundaries Sigma5 and Sigma13 in YBCO and Their Transport Properties," co-author, Physics Review B, 2001; "The Shape of a Twin as Related to the Inelastic Forces Acting on Twinning Dislocations in YBCO, co-author, Physics Review B, 2001; Reversible Crystal Plasticity, co-author, American Institute of Physics, 1994
Languages: Russian, Ukrainian
Phone: 718.260.5217