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Name: Sidi Berri
Dept: Mechanical Engineering Technology
Position: Assistant Professor
Education: PhD, MSME, Polytechnic University; MS, National Academy of Engineering (France); BSME, University of Science and Technology (Algeria)
Expertise: Dynamics of structures; machine design; machine condition monitoring, vibration analysis using digital signal processing
Selected Publications: "Rotational Vibration Response of Power Transmission Systems," Proceeding of the 4th ASME Design Engineering Technical Conference (DETC), Sep 9-12, 2002, Alberta Canada; "Gear Fatigue Cracks and Their Influence on Dynamic Tooth Loads," co-author, Proceedings of the 8th ASME International Conference on Nuclear Engineering, Apr 2-6, 2000, Baltimore, MD; "Simulation of the Rotational Vibration Response of a Spur Gear Pair with One Cracked Tooth," co-author, Proceedings of the ASME Turbo Expo Land, Sea & Air 2000, May 8-11, 2000, Munich, Germany
Languages: Arabic, French
Phone: 718.260.5241