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Name: Isaac Barjis
Dept: Physical & Biological Sciences
Position: Assistant Professor
Education: PhD, World Information Distributed University, Brussels, Belgium; BS University of North London, London, England
Expertise: Molecular biology, bio-informatics, modeling of biological processes
Selected Publications: "Modeling of the EcoRI Restriction Enzyme Action," co-author, Proceedings of the 2002 Summer Computer Simulation Conference, San Diego, CA, 2002; "Analysis and Simulation of Glycolitic Pathway Using Petri Net," co-author, Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Modeling and Simulation in Biology, Medicine and Biomedical Engineering, Delft, The Netherlands, 2001 "A Simulation Methodology for Investigating Business Processes in Small Companies," co-author, Proceedings of the 2000 Summer Computer Simulation Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2000
Languages: Persian, Russian
Phone: 917.855.7506