How to Claim Your Account

  1. Go to: and click "First time users"
  2. Enter the required information and click OK.
  3. Select your Challenge Questions and Answers - you need five of them. Choose each question from the drop down, and then type in your answer.
  4. Choose Password
    Both fields are required.

    Password Requirements:
    • At least 8 characters long
    • At least 1 uppercase letter AND at least one numeric OR one special character
    • Expires every 90 days so you will need to create a new password at that time
    • Change reminder email sent at 85 days
    • The new password cannot be any of the 4 previous passwords
    • Cannot be changed for 5 days after the last password change
  5. Your CUNYfirst account is now activated. You will get a confirmation page. Print it or make a note of your username and password and keep it in a safe place.
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