Faculty Center

To get to the Advisor Center, Log on to CUNYfirst.
Then Follow the navigation below:
Home → HR/Campus Solutions → Self Service → Advisor Center
(Or you can go through the Faculty Center and navigate to the Advisor Center Tab)

The Advisor Center will allow you to view advisee information or navigate to the Student Center to look up student information for advisement purposes.

» Advisement Quick Reference Guide (pdf)

Campus Community: Student Services Center

Campus Community is the core of CUNYfirst Campus Solutions. It provides a pathway to access of data that is shared by offices across the campus. CUNYfirst allows administrators to view student information from the student's point of view by navigating to the Student Services Center. The Student Services Center is an administrative 'dashboard', a single point of entry to view a wide range of student data. The Student Services Center is a collection of components:

  • Student Center - Displays most of what the student sees on their Student Center page.
  • General Info - Campus Community data and student groups.
  • Admissions - Current status and program.
  • Academics - Academic Program, Term, Enrollment data.
  • Transfer Credit - Transfer course, test credit and other credit.
  • Finances - Student Billing/Account & Financial Aid information. The Finances Tab displays Student Billing and Account Information not available through The Advisor Center.

The pages associated with Student Services Center provide a very similar view to the Student Center that is accessed by students using Self Service.

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