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An Overview of Travel Procedures

Listed below is a general "overview of College travel procedures based on New York State guidelines. Faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to follow these procedures. For any guidance, please contact the Accounts Payable Office at 8920.

Employee Travel

Recommended Procedure:

  1. Traveler submits Professional Travel Request (PN 803) specifying itemized travel estimates to Department Chairperson/Program Coordinator for signature and approval. The Department Chairperson/Program Coordinator forwards the completed form to his/her Dean or Vice President for full or partial budget approval.
  2. Once budget approval is given, the original white copy of the PN 803 is forwarded to the Accounts Payable Office at 25 Chapel Street (Howard Building) 11th Floor, in order to encumber the necessary funds prior to the individual's traveling. An approved document on file affords the traveler protection through Worker's Compensation and NYS Disability Insurance if an injury should occur while in approved travel status.
  3. Other copies of the PN 803 are distributed as follows: Dean/Vice President -- yellow copy; Department Chairperson/Program Coordinator -- pink copy; and traveler -- green copy.
  4. Traveler is then authorized to make his/her own travel reservations (i.e., airline, train, lodging, local transportation, conference registration fees, etc.). The College's authorized State Contract travel agent is Austin Travel. They can be reached at (800) 632-3721 or at
  5. Upon the traveler's return, he/she completes a Travel Voucher (AC 132) and, if applicable, a Statement of Automobile Travel (AC 160), and submits ·the completed form(s) and all receipts of actual expenses to the Accounts Payable Office for verification and reimbursement.
  6. The College will reimburse the traveler for expenses up to the approved encumbered amount on the original PN 803 and in accordance with State travel per-diem rates.

Alternative Procedure:

Items 1-4 are the same as above.

  1. In addition to the PN 803, traveler also submits completed and approved Purchase Request(s) (PN 63) to the Purchasing Office for confirmation and payment of reservations made. To ensure accurate processing of travel documents, please indicate the record number of all PN 863's on the corresponding PN 803.
  2. For airline reservations, a PN 863 must be received by the next business day in order for the reservation to be confirmed and ticketed. The College cannot guarantee the reservation if the PN 863 is not submitted in a timely manner.
  3. For lodging and conference registration fees, please follow the hotel or conference's instructions, and submit PN 863(s) at least two weeks prior to a conference.


The Purchasing Office can make accommodation reservations for out-of-town guests staying at the New York Marriott Brooklyn Bridge.

Prior to guests' arrival, departments are required to submit a completed and approved PN 863 to the Purchasing Office. Information on or attached to the PN 863 should include the reason for the guests' visit and the following:

  • Guest's full name
  • No. of guests in room
  • Arrival date
  • Departure date
  • Room preference (smoking t non-smoking, standard king, standard double, etc.)