Along the Shore


We have made arrangements for you to stay at a Brooklyn landmark, the former St. George Hotel. The building now houses the non-profit and well respected Educational Housing Services Corp (EHS). The residence is just a brief eight-minute walk from City Tech and is located in one of New York City’s finest neighborhoods, Brooklyn Heights—a landmarked neighborhood.

The rooms in which you will be staying (singly) are usually double rooms. That means you will have ample room, your own bath, and privacy. The room furnishings include a refrigerator, desk, captain’s bed, chair, and night stand—with air conditioning. There is also elevator service, access to a gym, laundry facilities, mailboxes, and in-room internet access and cable television. (Common areas have wireless internet access as well as internet terminals.)

Because you will be staying in a neighborhood, there is easy access to shops, stores, services, cafes, and restaurants—and even nightlife. Also, because you will be staying in a neighborhood—in New York City—street parking will be scarce to non-existent and commercial parking will be expensive, but not impossible to find.

We were able to negotiate a rate of $100@night for these rooms. This is a very good rate for New York City in general and Downtown Brooklyn, in particular. However, in order to secure this rate with EHS, we had to commit to having all our participants stay in this housing. That means that $600 of your stipend will go directly to pay for housing. We believe we have best served you, our participants, with this arrangement rather than have you navigate through New York’s notoriously expensive and elusive offerings of short-term housing.

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