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Spring 2012 Workshop

Friday, April 27, 2012

Graduate Center, CUNY




Books We are Reading:

Why so Slow? The Advancement of Women

by Virginia Valian


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. What is the COACHE Survey?
  • A. COACHE is a collaboration of colleges and universities committed to gathering the peer diagnostic and comparative data needed to recruit, retain, and develop faculty members. The COACHE Survey is designed to measure those components correlated with faculty satisfaction with their workplaces. The survey dimensions are grouped into the following themes: 1) Tenure and Promotion, 2) Nature of the Work, 3) Policies and Practices, 4) Climate, Culture, and Collegiality and 5) Global Satisfaction.
  • Q2. When will the survey be administered?
  • A. The COACHE survey will officially launch during the week of February 23rd and will be available through May 31st. During the week of February 23rd, COACHE will e-mail survey invitations to all eligible faculty.
  • Q3. How will faculty access the survey?
  • A. The survey will be administered online.
  • Q4. Who will take the survey?
  • A. All tenured and pre-tenure full-time faculty are eligible to take the survey. (The exceptions are faculty who were hired as of September 2008, faculty who have not been reappointed, and faculty librarians and counselors.) However, participation in the survey is completely voluntary and information is strictly confidential.
  • Q5. How is anonymity guaranteed?
  • A. COACHE will deliver an encrypted data file to Raymond Moncada, who has signed a statement of confidentiality guaranteeing that no results containing fewer than five responses will be shared with individuals in a position to influence personnel decisions. In COACHE’s own survey report, only aggregate data are reported; no identifiers are matched to reported responses.
  • Q6. How long will it take me to complete this survey?
  • A. It will take about 25 minutes.
  • Q7. What is the procedure?
  • A. Each invitation will contain a unique link that will grant access to the survey. If a faculty member does not finish the survey during the initial attempt, clicking on the unique link a second time will generate a password so that the faculty member can go back, access the survey, and complete it. In other words, faculty may stop, save and then resume the survey at any time.
  • Q8. Why should I take the survey?
  • A. Taking the survey will help identify the barriers to faculty satisfaction. City Tech will then be committed to addressing these obstacles in order to improve the work lives of faculty members. Enhancing faculty satisfaction, development, recruitment, and retention will consequently benefit City Tech students.
  • Q9. Where can I go for more information?
  • A. For more information about this survey, please go to www.coache.org and click on the “For Invited Faculty” link. COACHE articles and reports may be found under the “Publications and Press” link.
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