Advance City Tech

Project Objectives

  1. To produce a nuanced foundational analysis of the condition of City Tech women faculty in STEM disciplines as the baseline for identifying problems and prioritizing an agenda for action. Three perspectives will be employed--historical, sociological, and psychological--to analyze such relevant topics as structural impediments to advancement as well as psychological and social factors that may mitigate against equity;
  2. To interpret, communicate to internal audiences, and disseminate to external audiences the findings of the gender equity self-study; being sure that the deans and department chairs are kept involved.
  3. To conduct research on best practices in achieving gender equity gathered from ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Projects around the country and evaluate which ones are most suitable for adaptation or adoption.
  4. To develop an Institutional Transformation ADVANCE grant application that reflects a vision for gender equity in STEM at City Tech based upon our self-study and choice of best practices to emulate based upon the unique context of our institution.